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Uploaded by adam98991
Uploaded Jan 15, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 9.06 MB
Downloads 6,994
MD5 205e14f10fcc2ea08fe7350d60b5e34e
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Special thanks to all the donators and contributors: Zhenil, ShadowNightmare, Nova, Katubug, Celtixel, The Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman, PapaSmurf, Runespelltiger, PapiLicker, DJPeaceful, LocalTech, Iikta and Dink for their continued support and suggestions!


Updated 16 mods

Interesting changes!

+ Added over 90 new quests

+ Added wireless crafting terminal (for real this time guys I promise!)

+ Added vampirism

+ Added thaumcraft

+ Added botania

+ Added forestry

+ Added gendustry

+ Added little tiles

+ Added extra bit manipulation

+ Added open computers

+ Added signpost

+ Added immersive cables

+ Added aroma backup (for the moment)


Semi interesting changes!

+ Various crashes and bug fixes (Full list on Discord)

+ Server and client optimisations 

+ Added new items to the shop

+ Decreased diamonds currency value

+ Recipe change for angel ring

+ Reduced dragon spawns drastically for the overworld

+ More item diversity in quest boxes

+ Added alternative recipe for luminous powder

+ Fixed multiple broken quests

+ Fixed multiple broken recipes

+ Further improved dungeon loot

- Reduced default server spawn protection

- Slightly increased difficulty of Mystical Agriculture

- Reduced currency value of cobblestone and dirt 

- Reduced wasteland spawn rate (Radiation boxes can now be purchased from the black market to alleviate symptoms) 

- Removed Arcane Essentials (caused bad chunk corruption, sorry to anyone who had to deal with it. If in the future the issue is fixed the mod may be added back)

- Nerfed bone sword (5% down to 3%)

- Removed glowing chorus 

Please report any issues here!


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