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Filename Eternal-1.0.0 (1).zip
Uploaded by adam98991
Uploaded Dec 11, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 7.52 MB
Downloads 19,127
MD5 e7f48c59a576b40c9e13861f1c69b389
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Special thanks to zhenil, Tasiam, Kolby and Coltain13 for their continued support

Updated 25 mods

Interesting changes!

Added Level Up! Reloaded 
Added Reskillable
Added Waystones
Added Modular powersuits 
Added Player Shop (Now you can have a functioning server economy!)
Added Fast leaf decay
Added Portal gun 
Added Farming for blockheads 
Added Mystcraft 
Added Tech reborn
Added Dank null
Added Nether portal fix
Added Just enough harvest craft
Added ding 
Added dragons spawning in the nether
Added building gadgets
Added better builders wands
Added cosmetic armor
Added wireless redstone CBE
Added agricraft
Added minecolonies
Added old java warning
Added armory expansion
Added lag goggles
Added flux networks
Added energy converters
Added rare large ore deposits
Added hunter illager
Added ICBM Classic

Added Da Vinci's Vessels (Soar the sky!)

Space exploration coming in 2020


Semi Interesting changes

Fixed sand crash

Fixed diamond duplication 

Fixed error java runtime crash

Improved TPS

Added system to make it easier for me to update in the future

Fixed many many small bugs


Eternal lite coming soon for those who can't play!

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