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⚔️ Completely Overhauled World Generation (Biomes o' PlentyGeophilic, Ecologics)
⚔️ Thousands of NEW Dungeons & Structures (Wabi-Sabi Structures, When Dungeons Arise, Towns and Towers)
⚔️ Grow Your Own Kingdom (MineColonies, StyleColonies)
⚔️ Explore magical dimensions (The Twilight Forest, The Aether & Addons, BetterEnd)
⚔️ Fully Optimized with Shader Support
⚔️ Overhauled Stronghold & Fortress
⚔️ Powerful Bosses and Mythical Creatures (L_Ender's Cataclysm, Ice and Fire: DragonsBosses of Mass Destruction)
⚔️ In-depth Magic Mods (Iron's Spells 'n Spellbooks, Ars Nouveau, Eidolon: Repraised, Wizard's Reborn)
⚔️ Stamina, Thirst and Temperature System (Survive)
⚔️ Simple Quests to guide you
⚔️ QoL Features Such as Waystones and Upgradeable Backpacks
⚔️ An Immersive Medieval RPG Experience
⚔️ 350 Mods