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We recommend to play Medieval MC [FABRIC] 1.20+ instead!
⚔️ Completely Overhauled World Generation (Oh The Biomes You'll GoGeophilic, Ecologics)
⚔️ Fully Optimized with Shader Support
⚔️ Over 150 Quests
⚔️ 30+ Origins
⚔️ 6 New Dimensions
⚔️ RPG Elements such as Leveling and Scaling Mobs
⚔️ Challenging and Unique Bosses (AdventureZ, Bosses of Mass Destruction, Soulslike Weaponry)
⚔️ Thirst and Temperature System
⚔️ Thousands of NEW Dungeons & Structures (When Dungeons Arise, Overhauled Villages, Repurposed Structures)
⚔️ Heavily Customized for Mod Integration and Compatibility
⚔️ Immersive Features for Roleplay & Progression

⚔️ QoL Features such as Waystones and XP Obelisks
⚔️ JourneyMap with New Features (JourneyMap Integration, Map Frontiers)
⚔️ 330+ Mods