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Tier 1

Tired of the same old Minecraft? Tired of the way mods always do things? Tired of Quests?


A seriously challenging modpack based on using Technology to progress through 4 Tiers. You start with having to collect sticks and stones to be able to even get anywhere. Progress using different mods through many dimensions to get to "The End". With no books to figure it out, mod manuals that have "some" useful information. NO Quests to guide. Just JEI and a few bookmarked items. Check their recipes and find out what machines to build to get there. Just know that Ore processing has been completely changed for each Tier, this is not your Grandma's Minecraft.


Tier 1: "The Overworld" - get through this tier using Immersive Engineering to process ores to get you to the next Tier.
Tier 2: "The Beneath" - get through this tier using Thermal Expansion to process ores to get you to the next Tier.
Tier 3: "The Nether" -  get through this tier using Mekanism to process ores to get you to the next Tier.
Tier 4: "The End" - use a combination of Ender IO and Draconic Evolution to achieve ultimate supremacy.

Hint: Figure out how to build a Portal to The Beneath, a Nether Key, and an End Key. This Modpack is intentionally vague. Oh and did I mention ingots/blocks can only be cast? Tinkers Construct will be your friend through all Tiers.

It has been tested with many hours of work, but not everything may be perfect. If you find something that just doesn't quite seem right, a recipe missing, or a possible unintended exploit. I would like to hear from you!

Why so much custom content?

What are we going to do tonight, TiCh? The same thing we do ever night, TiCh...


Official Modpack for Smeltery IO