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There are four key aspects to this modpack for progression:

- Create

- Pokémon

- Enchantments

- Ars Nouveau


With survival and exploration taking a forefront in this game. The mobs are more difficult, the land is better generated, and there's a whole host of end-game upgrades.

There are two main improvements to difficulty: the mobs (zombies and pillagers) and the world (serene seasons). 

There are several improvements to enchantments, including removing enchantment caps, adding a boat load of new enchantments, and including post-netherite materials.

Finally, exploration has been overhauled, including Dragon Mounts, Do a Barrel Roll, Biomes O' Plenty, and an overhaul to Horse Controls.


List of Aspect Improvements

- Ars Nouveau

- Dragon Enchants

- Enchantment Description

- Enchantment Transfer

- Ma Enchants

- Mo' Enchants

- Neko's Enchanted Books

- No Enchant Cap

- Universal Enchants


World Improvement:

- Serene Seasons

- Biome Particle Weather

- Biomes O' Plenty

- Immersive Weathering

- Regrowth

- Snow! Real Magic



- Integrated Dungeons and Structures

- Xaero's World Map

- Do a Barrel Roll

- Dragon Mounts: Legacy

- Towns and Towers



- Effortless Building

- Create



- Horse Combat Controls

- Horse Statistics

- Shiny Horses



- Creeper Overhaul

- Enchant with Mob

- Guard Villagers

- Savage and Ravage

- Alex's Mobs

- Cobblemon

- It Takes a Pillage

- Leo's Illagers

- Untamed Wilds

- Rotten Creatures

- Zombie Awareness