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Material Conjuration is a modpack about tech, magic, and everything in-between.

In this modpack you can do everything from obliterate your enemies with grudge powered ship girls from shincolle, to excavating the world with advanced excavators from immersive engineering, all the way up to destroying all need for effort with draconic evolution.

This modpack has two main versions, Version 1 and Version 2. These versions are distinctly different as Version 1 is a minecraft version 1.10.2 modpack, and Version 2 is a minecraft version 1.12.2 modpack. (note that because of this transferring worlds between version 1 and 2 is NOT recommended.)

In version 2, Material Conjuration has a stage system used for different progression.
For example, To make bronze you have to make a tinker's smeltery and use that to alloy the bronze.
To make iron, you must first have made bronze.
To make steel, you must first have made Iron, and then make yourself a Blast Furnace from IC2.
To make gold you must first have made steel.
To summon the wither you must first make a special item known as the "Wither Gauntlet".
To travel to the End you must first have killed a Wither.

This modpack can also be downloaded as a whole here:
For those who do not use the twitch app.