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Biogenerator issues

#30 By  rrusciguy

Created Jun 7, 2020 Updated Jun 12, 2020


Well this is more twofold

I restarted after updating to the latest pack and noticed 2 things

1) the Holo preview does not show either the biogen from mekanism or the inserter, though both are still required to complete the machine


2) it processes the plant items into biofuel, but no longer auto inserts it into the biogen anymore

rrusciguy   added a tag
  Jun 7, 2020
Jun 7, 2020

Hmm, I never had it insert into biogen automatically. But would it possibly be a matter of the orientation of the inserter?  I just used conveyor belts into double chest and double chest into two mek biogens (one part of the multiblock, he other next to it). A fully fed multiblock biogen will feed two mek biogens from what I can tell. . 

Jun 7, 2020

Just tested, yes, if you place the inserter while facing from the output to the mek biogen, it will take from the output and feed the mek biogen. 


Jun 12, 2020

Yeah that works, so it seems thats just tied into the first issue, as the placement isnt being auto-rotated via the blueprint

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