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Started playing before patch, used iron gear... now can't make metal former after update

#29 By  Kulflame

Created Jun 6, 2020 Updated Jun 7, 2020


As title suggests I started playing shortly before June 3rd.  Found just the perfect chunks all with iron, coal and copper near and started working on a base. 


Update hit that changed the iron gear recipe to using the metal former which I didn't make yet AND I already used the free one I got before update.  


Now I have no iron gear and no way to make one in order to make the former.


The only solution at this point is to start over other than getting an op to cheat one in?

Kulflame   added a tag
  Jun 6, 2020
Jun 7, 2020

Seconded, started world on 1.31 and on 1.32b had the exact same issues had to roll back.

Jun 7, 2020

I agree that that one gear (I think there's a second one somewhere) should be renamed or something to say only use for making metal former or something. 

That said, I think you can get another by going Zombie hunting or killing animals for loot bags if you are opposed to cheating one in


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