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Quest completion not in sync in multiplayer

#18 By  shinraobi

Created Mar 16, 2020 Updated Mar 23, 2020


Hi there, I just downloaded the modpack an hour ago and I loved it already. Only issue is that when I tried playing it with my  brother the quest doesn't appear to be in sync. Or maybe its just a bug in the modpack, but when my brother (im the owner of the world) hover the red science pack it shows "Gold coin" and it also happens to other items that are needed to be submitted in the quest. It's preventing him from completing the quest because even when placing the right items in the worktable the item could not be crafted. And it also shows a different recipe. For me they're normal. Is there anyway to override stages so we could force complete them to fix this bug?

shinraobi   added a tag
  Mar 16, 2020
Mar 23, 2020

For some reason your brothers game isn't loading the scripts. Check his installation.

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