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Crazy horde

#11 By  costin88_boss

Created Oct 19, 2019 Updated Oct 19, 2019




first, there's 3 bugs:

-minecraft baby zombie spawns, it is too crazy it can destroy blcoks


-gunned zombies can sometimes attack you even if they are underground (no holes, or if there's one, they still attcak me no matter they don't see me or something,) and not only them, also gunned skeletons attacks villagers even if they don't see them, or even if it's inside houses and there's walls. it shoots in walls for no reason


-sometimes there's a 5% chance for a crazy horde to spawn, the horde contains: a baby zombie which destroys blocks, OVER 5 GUNNED ZOMBIES!?!? and 2-3 miner zombies. (but with s hovels,)



first idea that is also known as a bug is, on easy difficulty for zombies to spwan extremely rare (i don't care about the rest except of not spawning too crazy) and for pollution to get rarer, but not early tech have a lot of pollution, and just 0.1 carbon.


and also, add an altered shortcut type which means to make the game easier getting you instantly with some things.


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