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Filename Magiculture
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Uploaded Mar 18, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Important: Atlas Extras was removed, which also removes some antique atlas markers. As a result, opening an atlas in a pre- world may cause a crash. You can fix this by wiping your atlas markers by going into your world folder, then data, then erasing the files: aaMarkers_X.dat and aAtlasGlobalMarkers.dat. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for supporting the pack in beta!


Mod Changes:


- Environmental Creepers, Random Patches, Random Tweaks



- MineMenu, Chisels and Bits, Effortless Building, FTB Lib, FTB Utils, Industrial Foregoing, Inspirations, JER, NoDamI, Thaumic Energistics



- NoMoreGlowingPots

What's New:

- Now (super for real this time) made crops only drop XP when broken by a player

     - This may break crop-based XP farms



- Earthworks items can be crafted using pam's fresh water or any water container with at least 1000 mB

- Wattle and Plaster framed blocks are now made with chisel conversion from the un-framed versions

     - Only the un-framed versions are now craftable

     - Removed the timber item as there was no longer a use for it


- Added craftable tiers of backpacks

     - "Backpack" - 9x3 - needs leather

     - "Big Backpack" - 9x4 - leather/iron

     - "Epic Backpack" - 9x6 - gold/diamond

     - "Master Backpack" - 12x6 - amethyst/spectrite

- Leatherworker villagers now sell Backpacks, Big Backpacks, and Master Backpacks


- Sealed Quiver item now drops 1-2 types of arrows from a wider variety

- Added additional loot to the Artifacts' ocean shrines

- Grimoire of Gaia mobs now drop spellbooks at roughly 1/7 chance

     - Spell school and level are based on the mob which dropped it


- Players may now interact with Botania luminizers in other players' claims



- Explosions no longer destroy items

- Explosions now drop blocks as items 100% of the time

- Removed NoMoreGlowingPots, as Random Patches also has this feature

- Added missing colored atlas textures for Tall Birch and Tall Birch Hills biomes

- Removed the repair limit on repairing items in the anvil

- Animals no longer take damage from their owners unless their owners are sneaking

- Player heads will drop upon being killed by a charged creeper



- Removed broken atlas icons from antique atlas

- Improved performance around ocean biomes by adding RandomTweaks' squid spawning optimizations

- Attempted to fix an issue where players would time out when connecting to a multiplayer server

- The thaumcraft pickaxe of the core now properly drops native clusters

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