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 IMPORTANT: Some pretty big changes went down in update - if you are looking to play a world made in 0.5.X or prior, see the changelog for some important information.


NOTE: The quest log was changed! Be sure to update your quest book by clicking on the icon on the top right of the questbook home screen. Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!


Mod Changes:

- Death Maps


- Better Questing, BQ Standard Expansion, Bookshelf, Champions, Colytra, CraftPresence, Cyclops Core, Engineer's Decor, FTB Lib, FTB Utils, Grimoire of Gaia, InControl, Industrial Foregoing, JEI, MT Lib, Patchouli, Stats Keeper, Thaumic Energistics, 



- Atlas Extras

What's New:

- Coal and copper veins are now slightly more common, but much smaller

- Added more accurate JER ore density graphs generated using magiculture's custom ore spawns

     - Does NOT factor in extra biome ores

     - Includes rough estimates of drop amounts for most ores


- Crops must now be harvested by a player to yield XP

     - Certain machines seem to bypass this requirement, namely the Industrial Foregoing ones


- Added Death Maps! Maps lead you to the location of your last death point.

     - Death Maps themselves are not lost on additional deaths


- /spawn can now be used once every 30 minutes

     - This is meant to allow players to escape from holes in other player's claims if need be

- /tpa is now on a 30 minute cooldown

- Vending blocks, Waystones can be interacted with in other player's claims

- Backpacks can be edited, and interacted with in other player's claims




- Champions

     - Reduced champion spawn chance back to 2%, from 4%

     - Champions once again spawn from mob spawners

     - Added some new champion names/suffixes

     - Champions no longer send death messages

     - Increased the spawnrates of tier 3 and 4 champions

     - Slimes, Magma Cubes may no longer become champions

- Removed zombie and skeleton horses from the beneath



- Changed the minecraft map texture to include a compass rose in the top right, indicating that maps are oriented north

- Coins can now be used in the StorageDrawers compacting drawer

- Added a loading screen tip


- Fixed the custom antique atlas icons, which spontaneously broke

- Thaumcraft is now blacklisted from carryon, allowing cauldrons to be emptied properly

- Attempted to remove unintended gaia mob spawns in the nether

- Stardust can now be smelted into Starmetal ingots in normal furnaces

- Dense emerald ore now matches the mining level of emerald ore

- Every quest now ignores NBT, hopefully fixing most of the broken ones

     - Let me know if this has had unintended side effects


Known Bugs:

- Attempting to place a backpack in another player's claim will cause it to disappear until you re-log

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