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Filename Magiculture
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Uploaded Mar 6, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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IMPORTANT: Some pretty big changes went down in update - if you are looking to play a world made in 0.5.X or prior, see the changelog for some important information.


NOTE: The quest log was changed! Be sure to update your quest book by clicking on the icon on the top right of the questbook home screen. Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!


Mod Changes:


- Corpse Complex, Better Questing, Crafttweaker, Engineer's Decor, FTB Lib, Rustic Thaumaturgy, SeriousCreeper's Loot Chests, Stats Keeper



- Anvil Fix


What's New:


- Slightly increased the spawnrate of copper veins

- Added an additional vein of iron (lower size and greater height than other iron veins, no secondary metals)

- Lowered the spawnrate and depth of iron-lead veins

- Lowered the size, but increased the spawnrate of redstone veins


- Tweaked spawnrates of various Grimoire mobs

- Tier 3 grimoire mobs (mini-bosses) should now properly spawn, but only during the rain

- Mimics now drop a loot chest 100% of the time (70% uncommon, 30% rare)

- Raised champion spawnrate from 2% to 4%

- Champions no longer spawn from monster spawners


- Items can now spawn naturally with curses

- Soulbinding and Curse of Binding are now incompatible

- Living can no longer be applied to an item twice

- Added a new Living enchantment personality (thanks Skalfred!)

- Increased spawnrate of Living enchanted items in dungeon loot



- Updated to the latest version of Stats Keeper. THIS MAY CAUSE YOUR GAINED HEARTS TO RESET!

- On death, you will now lose one heart, to a minimum of 10

     - If you have not yet gained 10 hearts, nothing will occur


- Enabled advancement toasts, which were previously disabled

- Added a few loading screen tips



- Removed a duplication bug with Loot Chests

- Removed Anvil Fix, which was preventing players from making powered spawners

- Fixed various quests which were not properly detecting (ex: crafting table, furnace, silver coins)

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