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Filename Server Files - Magiculture 2 -
Uploaded by Luke616
Uploaded Mar 3, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 254.92 MB
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MD5 83edbe49a34cb8c5660174db63a85523
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions




TO BEGIN: Run forge-XXXXX.jar and the server will generate a file called EULA - open this and change the line to read EULA = TRUE in order to accept mojang's server use agreement. Then, run forge-XXXXX.jar again to start the server.


TO UPDATE TO A NEWER VERSION: Delete the folders called "mods", "config", "resources", "scripts", and "libraries", as well as the forge-1.12.2.jar file. Then, replace these with the folders and forge jar from the new server pack. Keep your file and "world" folder the same.


It is HIGHLY recommended to run a modded server with 4+ GB of allocated ram.


To help with server chunk loading times, I recommend Chunk Pregenerator.


HOSTING: Magiculture is sponsored by Akliz high-performance server hosting, and highly recommends them for your hosting needs! Use this link to get 20% off your first month!


REGARDING SPONGE: Some server owners have reported an issue where players drop their inventory twice when running sponge. If you are encountering this, try disabling the "inventory module" of the CorpseComplex mod. This can be done by finding the file "corpsecomplex.cfg" in the "configs" folder and setting the line B:"Enable Inventory Module"=true to =false. This will disable the feature where some items are kept on death, but should fix the sponge incompatibility.


Thanks so much for trying out our pack with your friends! Hope you enjoy!

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