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Uploaded Feb 26, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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The Storage Update!

ON THIS VERSION: Beta makes some substantial changes to the modlist, removing IronChests, Refined Storage, and Leatherworks for different mods that accomplish the same thing. This is a performance and stability-focused decision. This version is "Beta 0.6 - Update", a special version which has both the old (soon to be removed) and new mods. All updates past this one will no longer feature IronChests, Refined Storage, and Leatherworks.

Mod Changes:

- FORGE to

- COFH Core, FTB Lib, FTB Utils, Thermal Foundation, Fancy Lamps, Better Questing, BQ Standard Expansion, Corpse Complex, Rustic, Rustic Thaumaturgy, Cyclops Core, In Control, Mantle, Reskillable, Reliquary, Additional Structures, Storage Cabinet, Atlas Extras, Aroma Core, Aroma Backup, Bookshelf, Everlasting Abilities, Garbage Bins, Old Java Warning, SeriousCreeper's Loot Chests, Chunk Pregenerator, The Beneath, Integration Foregoing, Immersive Engineering, FastWorkbench, AutoRegLib, Botania, Quark, Tips, Psi, Magical Psi, BASE, Openblocks Elevator, Salty Mod


- Applied Energistics, MetalChests, Just Enough Energistics (JEE), Thaumic Energistics, ExtraCells2, Blood Arsenal, Artifacts, Statues Rechiseled, Living Enchantment, Compat Skills, Nature's Aura, Wearable Backpacks, MineMenu, Engineer's Decor, Enchantment Control, AE2 Stuff 



- Gravestones, IronChests, Refined Storage, RS Extras, Leatherworks


What's New:


- Added a new nature-themed magic mod, Nature's Aura!

     - Added multiple cross-mod integrations with Nature's Aura crafting

     - Included: a new way to get aetherium shards, magic seeds, fertile essence, and overgrowth seeds

- Added Blood Arsenal! A neat addon which adds content to Blood Magic.


- Replaced IronChests quests with MetalChests counterparts

    - Changed the crystal chest quest to be for crafting a diamond chest

- Added two new Aetherworks quests, courtesy of Ricktor!

- Added a new quest to elaborate on Refined Relocation 2 systems

- Added a new questline featuring 8 quests to introduce the player to AE2

- Added a new quest to introduce the player to Storage Cabinet

- Added a new quest to introduce the player to Roots Classic

- Added a new quest to introduce the player to Nature's Aura

- Added two new quests to introduce the player to Effortless Building

- Altered the requirements for some existing quests


- Added MetalChests!

- Added Applied Energistics 2!

     - Also added various addons, including ExtraCells, AE2Stuff, and Thaumic Energistics

     - Inscriber patterns are now sold from villagers, as well as obtained via the quest book

- Wearable Backpacks was added!

     - Backpacks are equipped by placing them on the ground and breaking them while holding crouch

     - Backpacks will drop 100% of the time on death, unless enchanted with Soulbinding

     - Backpacks on your back can be opened with the "B" key

     - Backpacks do not take up your chest slot


- Animania animals now fire AI every 200 ticks, up from 300

- Female cows are now milky when spawned and don't need to give birth first

- Added seed recipes for new Harvestcraft crops

- Made some changes to rustic elixirs

     - Added an elixir of return

     - Added an elixir of curing

     - Added new recipes for the elixirs of instant health

     - Altered the recipe for the elixir of trueshot


- Added the mod Living Enchantment! It adds a neat treasure enchantment which allows you to level up a weapon/tool/armor when applied.

- Baubles modifiers have been redone, is now more similar to terraria and lacks negative modifiers

- Disabled enderIO and cofhcore enchantments via Encahantments Control

- Veining is now a treasure enchantment

- Night Vision is now a treasure enchantment

- Treasure enchantments can now be found as dungeon loot

- Unobtainable enchantments should no longer be found on tools and from villager trades


- Removed AE2's default worldgen (sky stone meteorites are quite expensive in terms of CPU load on worldgen)

- Added custom skystone boulders to spawn on the surface, mimicing AE2 meteorites but without craters

- Added certus quartz ore veins underground, below y32 there is a chance that the quartz is charged

- Disabled the Spectrite Dungeon due to a rare crash related to it

     - Spectrite Compasses are no longer found in dungeons

- Added loot from the mod Artifacts to various worldgen chests

- All ingots in dungeon loot now give embers variants if possible



- Added Effortless Building! Use it by pressing LAlt. It will be useless until a player has consumed at least one Range Upgrade

- Added Statues! Lets you chisel statues of your friends. Pretty cool!

- Added Engineer's Decor! A mod which adds some pretty, immersive engineering related decoration blocks

- Added Quark and NEX's basalt blocks to the chisel conversion list

- Cathedral checkered blocks are now obtained by chiseling Kitchen Floor

- Kitchen Floor block renamed to "Checkered Tile" and given additional crafting recipes using basalt, slate, marble, quartz- Cathedral dwarven blocks now crafted using either slate or basalt, works for any oredict version

- Renamed Statue mod's Hammer to "Statue Chisel"



- Lowered Guardian spawn rate and spawn group size

- Lowered Ender Dragon Girl spawnrate in the Ender

- Disabled the "Infested" champion affix altogether


- Villagers, Golems now spawn naturally in villages once again

     - I believe the performance issues previously seen with this feature have been fixed on the end of the InControl mod, if I find it is still causing significant lag I will remove it

- Changed villager trades to use Embers ingots (let me know if I missed one!)

- Changed weaponsmith bow and sickle trades to a longbow and mallet

- Added some AE2 themed trades to the Engineer villager

- Botanist now buys Verdant Sprigs rather than selling them


- Added new skills for the following mods: Applied Energistics 2, AE2 Stuff, Effortless Building, Artifacts, Nature's Aura, Blood Arsenal, Animus


- Gravestones removed in favor of Quark Oddities totem of holding feature (has better compatibility with Wearable Backpacks)

     - Soul Compass now works with SmartHUD and is always kept on death

     - Only the player who died may pick up their totem of holding

- Added default permissions via FTB utils for servers.

     - Big changes: /home, /sethome, /spawn are now disabled for non-operators by default as they discourage the use of waystones, /back is now disabled as it makes the game too easy and invalidates return scrolls, /rtp is disabled in favor of two new pearl items which simulate using this command

- Added new item, the Cracked Pearl, which simulates using /rtp when consumed

- Added new item, the Semi-Stable Pearl, which simulates using /rtp and does not get consumed (currently creative-only)

     - Also prevents teleportation by endermites when held in the inventory

- Added a radial menu bound to "R" by default

     - Would have more menus bound, but a bug with MineMenu prevents some keybinds from functioning properly

- Disabled void fog from Dynamic Surroundings by default

- Bronze ingots/plates/nuggets now properly auto-convert to embers variants

- EB Wizardry summons are no longer named in order to prevent chat spam

- Added quark chest sorting buttons for various GUIs

- Disabled update checking from Additional Structures

- Vending blocks now close trading when the last item is sold


Bug Fixes:

- Fixed an issue preventing level locks from appearing on Reskillable perks

- Baubles are now properly locked by skillable

- Rod of Lyssa can now properly catch fish

- Storage Cabinets now rotate to face you in multiplayer

- Disabled CarryOn for The Weirding Gadget, AE2

Known Issues:

- Bound Pickaxe does not drop clusters when it mines ores, and silk touches them instead

- Pickaxe of the Core does not drop native clusters with most ores

- Razorwire, bleed, magma blocks, etc do not respect damage immunity and kill very quickly

- Swinging/punching while on a ladder may cause a soft crash

- Attempting to use Effortless Building without first consuming a range upgrade is buggy

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