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Filename Magiculture
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Uploaded Feb 3, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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ON THE FUTURE: Update Beta is on the horizon and will feature changes to mods which require some preparation before use with existing worlds. Ironchests will be swapped for Metal Chests, Refined Storage will be swapped for Applied Energistics, and Leatherworks will be swapped for... something else that has better backpacks. The motivation behind this update is to increase player and server performance (ironchests and RS are notoriously cpu-intensive compared to their alternatives) as well as fix some unresolved issues with leatherworks by switching to a more stable and useful backpacks mod.

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: Before updating a world to Beta (the upcoming version AFTER this one), please remove all of your items from/uncraft your ironchests' chests, refined storage systems, backpacks, etc. If you update without doing so, their stored inventories will be lost. To make this process easier, I'll be releasing an update " Alpha Transition" with BOTH sets of mods installed. Versions after this one, however, will only have the new mods. Sorry for the inconvenience, and as always, thanks for supporting the pack in beta!

Mod Changes:

- Colytra, JEI, Roots Classic, Pam's Harvestcraft, Modtweaker, Astral Sorcery, Rustic Thaumaturgy, Engineered Golems, Better Questing, BQ Standard Expansion, EnderIO, FTB Utils, Clumps, Old Java Warning, Village Names, The One Probe, Blood Magic, Bookshelf, Cosmetic Beds, Surge, Animus, Rough Mobs, Chunk Pregenerator, Industrial Foregoing, Botania


- Cathedral, Fancy Lamp, Garbage Bins 


What's New:


- Added 3 new quests explaining the beginning of Aetherworks, written by Ricktor

- All quests which previously gave IE ingots/plates as rewards now give Embers ingots/plates



- Added garden drops and skill locks for new harvestcraft crops

- Adjusted garden drops to be weighted more heavily towards more commonly-used crops

- Added some missing raw/cooked meat items to the oredict entries used by Harvestcraft



- Cathedral and Fancy Lamp add some new building and decoration options for you

- Added Garbage Bins, which adds... placeable garbage bins!


- Blazes no longer push attackers away, fixing a crash with Champions and Industrial Foregoing

- GoG desert mobs are slightly less common

- Electrobob's summons no longer drop loot

- Electrobob's summons can no longer spawn as champions


- Slightly increased the spawnrate of iron/nickel veins

- Iron/lead and iron/nickel veins now have a higher percentage of iron

- Ore veins no longer spawn inside cobblestone, sandstone, and red sandstone


- Added books with mending I and soulbinding I to dungeon loot

- Added some additional dungeon loot to roguelike dungeons

- Added thaumcraft loot crates and urns to the underground

     - Added XP drops to thaum loot breakables

     - Tweaked item droprates from thaum loot breakables

- Added a brand-new custom dungeon, a large variant of the embers sphere dungeon

     - Features two loot chests and an ember golem spawner



- Vertical wood planks from quark are now obtained from chiseling regular wood planks, fixing a recipe conflict

- Removed the minecraft 1.13+ water replacement (it gave some people issues)

- Limited possible enchantments on the amulet from Astral Sorcery

- Disabled the aevitas plant transform effect

- Ingots, nuggets, plates all swap to embers variants if possible now

- Plates now cost 2 ingots to craft with an IE or Embers hammer recipe

     - This makes the plate press a beneficial alternative to crafting by hand

     - Thaumcraft plates now included in above unification

Bug Fixes:

- (Possibly) Fixed an issue preventing immersive engineering samples from spawning properly

- Fixed broccoli, cabbage, nether wart not dropping XP

- Prismatic Clay actually works as intended now

- Spawners below y=30 now properly drop "broken spawner" blocks when silk touched

- Endermen, Zombies, Creeps no longer participate in mob griefing

Known Issues:

- Bound Pickaxe does not drop clusters when it mines ores, and silk touches them instead

- Pickaxe of the Core does not drop native clusters with most ores

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