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Filename Magiculture
Uploaded by Luke616
Uploaded Jan 26, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Big Bugfix Update!

IMPORTANT! The quest book was updated! The quest book should automatically give you a prompt to update, but if it does not you can use the "Quest Debug Wand" item to manually update it. Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!


Mod Changes:

- FORGE to

- Additional Structures, Athenaeum, Bookshelf, Colytra, CraftTweaker, Cyclops Core, Dropt, FTB Lib, FTB Utils, Iron Chest, JEI, Scannable,Quark, Chisels and Bits, Everlasting Abilities, Morpheus, InControl, Better Questing, BQ Standard Expansion



- Dynamic Lights, Lag Goggles, Weirding Gadget, Old Java Warning



- Atlas Extras, Connected Texture Mod



- Jabelar's Moving Light Sources, SimpleHarvest, XP from Harvest


What's New:


- Embers

     - Added rewards for the into Embers quest (oops I forgot)

     - Added the start of a new Embers quest tree, written by Ricktor (thank you!!)

- Mining

     - Added info to the quest "Wealth from Below" explaining where to find bonus ore spawns

     - Added a new quest explaining the different oreberries and where to find them

     - Added a new quest explaining different stone variants and where to find them

- Misc

     - Adjusted the text of various quests

     - The rustic brewing quest now requires 3 retorts

     - Added a new item that lets players manually reset the quest book (replacing the old repeatable quest)



- Completely re-did all XP drops from crops using the Dropt mod

- Pam's tree crops should now also grant XP on harvest

- Pam's gardens now drop XP when broken

- Industrial Hemp now drops XP when broken

- Pam's ground crops now have a 1/50 chance to drop a verdant sprig

- Vanilla crops now have a 1/30 chance to drop a verdant sprig

- Sprig drops from pam's gardens removed

- Slightly lowered chance of stick drops from leaves, and raised the chance of XP drops from leaves



- Lowered restoration values of basic saltymod foods to match with harvestcraft balance

     - More adjustments will come in later updates



- Adjusted spawnrates of various ores

- Added some new biome-specific veins

- Oreberries in the overworld are now biome locked (and will thus be much harder to find)



- Disabled the "Hungry Farmer" skill which causes a crash when selected

- Raised stats on bound tools to match diamond

- Removed stat lock on the canteen


- Disabled the ability to chunkload through FTB Utils, you must now use the Weirding Gadget

     - This should help cut down on server load from players who have loaded chunks but are not frequently online

- Made some changes to mob spawning to significantly reduce server load

     - Villagers, golems no longer spawn naturally in village structures

     - Snow golems, blizz no longer spawn in cold biomes

     - Changes made to mob spawns in the beneath removed

     - GoG changes in the overworld reverted (hostile day mobs now spawn passively)

- Disabled large stone cluster spawning with quark, now spawns with COFHworld which is much faster

- Replaced one Moving Light Sources mod for another, which is client-side and contributes nothing to server load

- Removed SmartHUD from the server files, as it works client-side only



- Reforging

     - "Reforging Rune" changed to "Prismatic Clay" and given a new fancy texture

     - Added a new recipe to craft prismatic clay with embers

     - Changed prismatic clay crafting recipe, is now shapeless

- Worlds no longer auto-pregen on load (decided this was annoying and not really necessary)

- Passive mobs and wizardry summons should no longer have ability totem drops

- Added a recipe to turn the ghast queen tear into multiple ghast tears

- Reliquary pedestals can no longer be picked up with carryon

- Added new recipes for: shears, rails, hopper, hopper duct using various other metals

- Changed Cooking for Blockheads' milk jar recipe to use harvestcraft fresh milk

- Backdated CTM to fix a rendering issue with Weirding Gadget

- Minecraft now warns you if it is using an outdated and potentially problematic Java version


Bug Fixes:

- Backdated Atlas Extras to fix an issue where Waystones could not be named

- Updated Quark to fix an enchanting table crash

- Pinch of Salt is now compatible with harvestcraft recipes

- Bloodmagic, Embers, Aetherworks axes shound now treechop

- Magma Blocks, Live Wire, Razor Wire now respects damage immunity

- Fixed a bug where vanilla crops did not grant XP


Known Issues:

- Bound Pickaxe does not drop clusters when it mines ores, and silk touches them instead

- Pickaxe of the Core does not drop native clusters with most ores

- Spawners in Roguelike Dungeons don't drop broken blocks with silk touch

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