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Filename Magiculture
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Uploaded Jan 19, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



Mod Changes:

- Saturation Overflow


What's New:


- Oreberries spawnrate slightly lowered in the overworld

- Salt ore spawnrate slightly lowered



- When creating a new world, a pregen will begin. This may cause a bit of server lag for the first ~30 minutes of gameplay but things should be drastically smoother when exploring after that period

- "Broadsword" changed to "Arming Sword" to maintain historical accuracy

- Removed unused resource files from removed mods

- Updated Tips to remove info about geolosys and add some new ones


Bug Fixes:

- Fixed an issue where the quest book wasn't properly exported and wouldn't properly update

- Removed Saturation Overflow to fix a crash



The Mining Update!

IMPORTANT! This update removes multiple mods. Make sure that you are prepared before you update. Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!

Mod Changes:

- FTB Utilities, FTB Lib, Better Questing, Cooking for Blockheads, Refined Relocation, Quark, Champions, InControl, JEI, Atlas Extras, Dude Wheres my Horse, Bookshelf, Rustic Thaumaturgy, The One Probe, Tips, Toast Control, Wither Skeleton Tweaks, Placebo, Bountiful, Craftstudio API, Cyclops Core, PSI


- World Stripper, Rough Mobs 2, Spartan Weaponry, NoDamI, Oreberries, Simple Gravel Ores, Saturation Overflow, Prospectus, Embers Rekindled, Aetherworks, Soot, Dirt2Path, Expanded Arcanum, Bear With Me, Just Owls, Salty Mod



- Galaxite, Vulcanite, Geolosys


What's New:


- Added an introductory quest for Embers (thanks Ricktor!)

- Updated the quests in the mining tree to use the new clusters

- Updated the quests in the mining tree to use the new prospecting pick

- Updated the text of the beneath quest

- Fixed an issue preventing completion of the revolver and engineer toolbox quests

- Added Embers!

   - Disabled crafting of duplicate embers tools

   - Hid disabled items from JEI

   - Players now spawn with the embers codex in the starting bag


- Misc

   - Verdant Sprig from roots is now obtainable from harvestcraft gardens and purchase-able from botanist villagers



- Mining Overhaul!

   - Removed geolosys, as it discouraged caving for quarrying and felt unfamiliar for many players

   - Removed default ore spawns from embers, thermal foundation, immersive engineering, astral sorcery, ebwizardry, earthworks, rustic, salty mod

   - Added custom ore spawns for blocks from all the above mods

   - Added custom biome-specific ore spawns for each ore

   - Added new custom "cluster" items which act similarly to the old clusters from geolosys. Using textures courtesy of Shadowclaimer.

   - Added new custom "dense ore" variants which spawn more or less frequently in different biomes/veins

   - Added prospectus, which adds prospecting picks for each basic metal type. These search for ore in an 8 block radius below the player.


- Fossil Ore

   - Added fossil ore, similar to that seen in pre 0.3.X versions of the pack

   - Added nether fossil ore! Has drops which are more rare compared to regular fossil ore. Find it in the nether.

   - Fossil ore can now drop misc thaumcraft curios


- Starmetal

   - Added end starmetal ore! Functions the same as normal starmetal ore, but is generated naturally in the end

   - Biotite and starmetal now spawn around enderium pools in the end

   - Starmetal also spawns very rarely in the overworld at high elevations


- Oreberries

   - Added the oreberries mod!

   - Configured custom oreberry bushes for all the standard metals

   - Oreberries spawn rarely underground

   - Oreberries spawn more commonly in the beneath


- Gravel Ores

   - Gravel ores are back! They spawn uncommonly on the surface and drop clusters when broken with a shovel

   - Retextured aluminum gravel ore to match embers aluminum ore


- Misc

   - Retextured uranium ore to be more similar to other ore blocks

   - Changed the dimension ID of the beneath to "-2" in order to reduce autosave lag



- Salt Changes

   - Removed recipe water bucket and pot to make salt

   - Added Salty Mod! This adds multiple ways to get salt, including saltflats which spawn in your world, an evaporator, and salt ore

   - Other harvestcraft/animania methods of obtaining salt still work and are now worth using, such as pressing seaweed and using the water filter


- Misc

   - Pumpkins now drop 1-2 pumpkin items on break

   - Adjusted melon drop amounts

   - Pumpkins and melons now give XP when broken

   - Pumpkins and melons are now affected by fortune

   - Raised animania spawnrates a bit


- Reliquary pedestals should now be able to auto-fish properly

- Treasure maps can now be caught as treasure in the overworld



- Saturation can now be recovered past the maximum amount, once

- Black bears, brown bears, panda bears now spawn and add some flavor to their biomes

- Owls now spawn and may be tamed as pets



- Roguelike Dungeons

   - Dungeons have been carefully rebalanced to reflect the weapon changes

   - Includes new items from: spartan weaponry, thaumic periphery, embers, prospects, electrobob's wizardry


- Basic Dungeons

   - Includes new items from: spartan weaponry, thaumic periphery, embers

   - Currently, weapon additions are limited only to the Simple Dungeon loot table



- Combat Overhaul!

   - Added spartan's weaponry! This mod adds a plethora of weapons for the basic metal varieties, including daggers, greatswords, maces, crossbows, and battleaxes.

   - Damage immunity from most sources has been removed! This means that very fast weapons such as fists, daggers, etc. will deal damage for every hit. It also means that fighting monsters as a party is more effective since mobs are no longer immune to multiple attacks in a short period of time. This also means that situations such as a horde of zombies where multiple mobs may hit you at once are more dangerous.

   - You can no longer swing a weapon or tool until the exhaustion bar has fully recovered. This makes heavier weapons slightly more dangerous, since if you miss a swing you will be vulnerable for longer.


- Mobs

   - Rough Mobs 2 has been added back, so mobs should regain knockback resistance / etc they previously had

   - Mob buffs are now once again configured through Rough Mobs 2 rather than InControl, hopefully fixing an issue where zombies would spawn with 300+ hp

   - Dwarves now drop ember shards and crystals

   - Baby zombies should no longer recieve the normal zombie health buff

   - Angry zombies now spawn with armor, recieve knockback resistance, health buffs, and lunge attacks

   - Zombies, skeletons now spawn occasionally with spartan weaponry gear


- Added missing skillable compat for: Embers, Aetherworks, Spartan's Weaponry, Spartan's Shields, Botania baubles, Thaumcraft baubles, Thaumic Periphery, Grimoire of Gaia, Nether Ex, Prospectus, Pam's Harvestcraft



- Discord rich presence will now show the modpack icon! Fancy!

- All tree saplings should now be usable as furnace fuel

- Reliquary pedestals are now blacklisted from carryon

- Waystones are now blacklisted from carryon

- Elephant, Rattlesnake biome sounds are once again disabled by default

- Basic bow renamed to "Shortbow"- Basic swords renamed to "Broadsword"

- Spartan Weaponry hammers renamed to "Mallet"

- Changed the water texture to the new nicer 1.13+ minecraft version

- Rewrote configuration for antique atlas icons to use the new system

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed an dupe bug involving the clay bucket when crafting wort or slop

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