Magiculture 2

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Filename Magiculture
Uploaded by Luke616
Uploaded Jan 6, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 3.05 MB
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MD5 4d3424829100ed64a2c21adcd908ce5c
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions




Mod Changes:


- CraftPresence


What's New:


- Added new loot to thaumcraft loot bags


Bug Fixes:

- Backdated to fix a fatal error related to craftpresence

- Discord presence no longer says "Magiculture 2 - Bugfix"




IMPORTANT! The quest book was updated! To update the quest book for an existing world, you must run the command "/bq_admin default load". This can be done manually or by completing the (repeatable) quest book quest "Updating the Pack". Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!


Mod Changes:

- Aroma Backup, Better Questing, BQ Standard, Craft Presence, Cosmetic Beds, Champions, Electrobob's Wizardry, JEI, Nether Chest, PSI, Rustic, Spectrite


- EnderIO, Endercore, Tough as Nails


- Lapis Stays in Enchanting Table, Dude Where's my Horse?, Non Update



- Fullscreen Windowed


What's New:


- Defense Master no longer requires A Real Upgrade

- Gateway to Hell no longer requires Jeweled Pickaxe

- Fixed an issue where Oceanic Temple required you to kill 1 zombie

- Added 2 shelves as rewards to Kitchen Beginnings

- Upped rewards for Pretty Blocks, Framed Blocks, Architectural Design to 64 of each block

- Removed a depreciated quest which could be completed but was inaccessible

- Added another choice to the rewards for Lord of Decay



- Lowered hunger values of: beef wellington, blackcurrant, whitecurrant, redcurrant

- Lowered thirst values of: juices, smoothies

- Added thirst values for: rose petal tea, cherry slushie, apple cider

- Added Dude Where's My Horse

     - Adds an Ocarina which allows you to summon your horse from far away

     - Skill locks added to items



- Spell scrolls found in dungeon loot now come in stacks of 2-4

- Increased the chance of finding spectrite gems in 5th floor roguelike dungeons

- Reward chests in 5th floor roguelike dungeons have additional spawns of spectrite items

- Added new loot to thaumcraft loot bags

- Raised amount of glowing water / holy grenades sold from villagers


- Zombies no longer break torches when they have no target



- Spectrite compass is no longer craftable (found as rare dungeon loot)

- Lapis is now kept inside enchanting tables when the inventory is closed


Bug Fixes:

- Golems spawning in villages should no longer be hostile

- Quark marble no longer spawns underground (can be obtained by chiseling Astral Sorcery marble)

- Enhanced Sag Mill no longer has no skill locks

- EnderIO enchantments should be disabled once again

- The Akashic Tome now accepts the Runic Tablet from Roots

- The spellbook for Freeze now properly locks until level 4 magic

- Spectrite compass is now included in smart hud

- The infamous electrobob's wizardry wand crash has been fixed

- TAN backdated in order to fix issue where rustic and botania drinks did not restore thirst

Known Issues:

- Reliquary fishing rod doesn't fish up fish but WILL fish up treasure and junk (waiting on mod dev)

- If you die in the beneath, your grave may consume some items (investigating this)

- Vanilla potions apply the thirst debuff

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