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Filename Magiculture
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Uploaded Dec 19, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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IMPORTANT! The quest book was updated! To update the quest book for an existing world, you must run the command "/bq_admin default load". This can be done manually or by completing the (repeatable) quest book quest "Updating the Pack". Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!

Mod Changes:

- FORGE to latest version

- Athenaeum, Akashic Tome, Bad Wither No Cookie, Better Questing, Bookshelf, Botania, Chisels and Bits, Comforts, Cravings, Connected Texture Mod, Comforts, Champions, Combustive Fishing, Craft Presence, Carry On, Dropt, Dynamic Surroundings, EnderIO, Guide API, Immersive Engineering, Industrial Foregoing, Integration Foregoing, Crayfish Furniture Mod, OreLib, Ordinary Coins, Psi, Quark, Ore Lib, Refined Storage, Rustic, Storage Cabiner, Set Effect, TOP Addons, Tough as Nails


- Cake Chomps, Grimoire of Gaia, Friendly Fire, Colytra, Creatures Love Beacons, Cosmetic Beds, Architecture Craft, NetherEX, Fence Overhaul



- Weirding Gadget, TellMe, Born to Be, Not Enough Roofs


What's New:

- Architecturecraft was added! Provides some really nice looking custom shaped blocks for you to get fancy with

- Fences will now connect on a diagonal

- Beds can now be patterned using a banner



- Magic seeds are now craftable only through botania infusion

- Electrobob's Wizardry spells will no longer hurt players designated as allies



- Spectrite ore no longer spawns naturally in the world



- Animania

    - Animals no longer consume water blocks when drinking from a pool

    - Animals no longer attack one another

- Farming for Blockheads

    - Marketplace now trades in various coins instead of emeralds

    - Marketplace now sells seeds in batches of 3

- Rustic

   - Fixed broken elixir brewing recipes (blazing trail and regeneration)

   - Added new custom elixir brewing recipes (luck, archery, magic focus, heat resist, cold resist)

- Beeeees!

    - Only rustic beehives will now generate in the world

    - Rustic beehives now drop rustic and pam's bees, as well as wax and honeycomb

    - Drops are increased at higher fortune levels

    - Rustic apiary renamed to "industrious apiary", Pam's renamed to "fertile apiary"

    - Rustic bees renamed to "worker bees"

    - Worker bees can be crafted using grubs and honey

    - Pam's honeycomb can be used in the rustic crushing bin

    - Honeycomb now auto-converts to the pam's variant

    - Bee nests from animania can now be crafted from queen bees, worker bees, and waxcomb

    - Added some tooltips to explain what each apiary does

- Misc

    - Golden fishing rod now properly catches fish in water

    - Coalfish can now be caught in lava/nether

    - Prepared leather is now crafted directly from hide using tannins (no more scraping/washing steps)



- Various mob spawner changes

    - Spawners can no longer be picked up with CarryOn 

    - Spawners will now stop spawning mobs after a certain number has been killed 

    - Spawners now drop slightly less mob essence

    - Chance of mythic loot chests from spawners is slightly less

- Dungeon changes - New mobs have been added to all roguelike dungeons

    - New loot has been added, including new elixirs, more magic crystals, and astral sorcery goodies in all tables

    - Chance of spectrite being found in chests is slightly higher
- NetherEX

    - Mushrooms from netherEX can be used in any recipe

    - Removed unintended GOG mobs from netherEX biome spawnlists

    - NetherEX gear added to nether loot chests, mob equipment

    - NetherEX mobs given coin drops, reliquary drops, etc

    - Antique atlas fixed



- Grimoire of Gaia adds powerful, rare monsters with unique loot

    - added GOG mobs to dungeons

    - added coin drops to GOG mobs

    - added reliquary drops to GOG mobs

    - fix issue where traders were named farmer X

    - add ebwizardry immunities to GOG mobs & others X

    - add nutrition info to GOG foods & others

- Various village changes

    - Fixed: Farmer no longer buys milk for only 1 coin

    - Fixed: Fisherman sells traps/bait rather than buying them

    - Added a new villager to sell IE/techie goods

    - Farmer buys wax and honey for less

    - Fisherman now sells worms

    - Fletcher now sells arrow quivers (gives 8-16 random arrows on use)

    - Adventurer now sells shader bags

    - Redstoner now sells randomizer and sorting interface

    - Mason now sells builder wands from AS

    - Wizard now sells magic seeds

- Various mob changes

    - Bosses (enderdragon, wither, gaia guardian, etc) given guaranteed loot chest drops and additional coins

    - Champions now properly drop soul essence 

    - Desecrator now spawns on lv3 and above champions only

    - Infested now spawns on lv3 and above champions only


- More items will now automatically unify when added to the inventory (vanilla nuggets, some duplicate meats)

- Re-wrote dropt ore replacement files to be compatible with new update

- Ice, packed ice, pyrotheum and cryotheum now radiate heat or cold

- Magic focus now grants a 50% magic damage bonus per level (down from 75%)

- Animals/passive mobs are now affected by beacons

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a issue which caused ores to overwrite ice/packed ice

- Removed a loading screen tip about a removed mod

- Fixed an issue where coins would be deleted when using "/coins unstack"

- Rustic almanac is now craftable again (recipe changed to book + ironberry + wildberry)

- Wheat seeds can now be crafted from wheat (recipe for animania straw changed to 2x wheat) 

- Animals no longer play the hurt animation when picked up and placed down

- Filing cabinet now rotates to face the player when placed

- Every item no longer has a JEI entry for "can be enchanted with curse of vanishing"

Known Issues:

- Reliquary fishing rod doesn't fish up fish but WILL fish up treasure and junk (waiting on mod dev)

- If you die in the beneath, your grave may consume some items (investigating this)

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