Magiculture 2

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Filename Magiculture
Uploaded by Luke616
Uploaded Nov 16, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.70 MB
Downloads 1,282
MD5 773a6af7750d00917e402a747405a784
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions





Mod Changes:
- Iron Chests, FoamFix


- Vanilla Fix


- Overpowered Armor Bar


What's New:

- Added Pam's Harvestcraft & Immersive Engineering compatibility script, made by DarethMC


- Slightly tweaked dungeon loot tables
- Spiders now spawn on floor 3 of roguelike dungeons


- Cave spiders no longer inflict slow and webbed
- Cave spiders no longer recieve riders
- Spiders recieve riders more often
- Spiders spawn with increased health when deep underground
- Spiders and Cave Spiders recieved a minor reduction in speed
- Wraiths now move slower, but have complete knockback immunity


Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a typo in a loading screen tip
- Fixed fishing in the roofed forest biome
- All axes should now properly treechop
- Fixed an issue where the client would ping servers forever and crash on the server select screen
- The armor bar no longer migrates upwards when you have more than 10 hearts


Known Issues:

- Golden fishing rod, reliquary fishing rod don't fish up fish but WILL fish up treasure and junk (investigating this)

- If you die in the beneath, your grave may consume some items (!!! bad bug)

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