Magiculture 2

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Filename Magiculture
Uploaded by Luke616
Uploaded Nov 11, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.69 MB
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MD5 2cfba844f642a7c9c78c7dae6fe08ac8
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IMPORTANT! The quest book was updated! To update the quest book for an existing world, you must run the command "/bq_admin default load". This can be done manually or by completing the (repeatable) quest book quest "Updating the Pack". Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!

Mod Changes:


- Better Questing, Compat Skills, Magical Map, Nether Gold Ore, Wither Skeleton Tweaks, Rough Mobs 2, Ceramics, Fast Workbench, Crayfish Furniture, Akashic Tome


- Better Mobgriefing Gamerule, Tips, CraftPresence, Fast Furnace


- Discord Suite

What's New:

- An intro quest for Electrobob's Wizardry was added

- An intro quest for Thaumcraft was added

- The quest Monster Hunter is now a hidden quest

- Adjusted the rewards of certain quests

- Fixed a bug where some quests gave out null item rewards


- Thaumcraft aspects were added for some items


- Geolosys large ore vein sizes have been increased



- Cooking for Blockheads cooking table, cooking book are now much much easier to craft

- Slop can now be crafted in a clay bucket and can be crafted using soymilk




- Wizard armor and scrolls of identify can be found in dungeon loot

- Adjusted spells from nether fortress chests to be of higher quality than normal dungeon loot

- Loot chests now sometimes give spell books, wands, wizard armor, and other electrobob's wizardry items

     - Better loot chests = better spell tiers



- Dwellers, Ashen, Cave Spiders now spawn naturally in the beneath

- Skeletons, Zombies will no longer hold armor enchanted with thorns

- Endermen which spawn in the Beneath have a small chance of being instantly hostile

- Mobs in the Beneath should now give double experience

- Mobs in the Beneath now drop 1 bronze coin more than normal

- Evil Wizards now garuntee at least 1 piece of wizardry gear when killed by a player

- Creepers spawned on the surface during a thunderstorm now have a chance to be struck by lightning instantly

- Iron Golems now have a chance to spawn in villages- Villagers will now respawn if a village is wiped out

- Some villager trades have been adjusted

- Evil wizards, vexes will now properly drop coins

- Blizz will now spawn in snowy biomes- Snowmen will spawn rarely in snowy biomes during snowy weather

- Creeper, wither, and ender dragon mob griefing is now disabled, but other types of mob griefing are allowed by default

     - Examples of what IS allowed: zombies busting down doors on Hard difficulty, sheep eating grass, endermen picking up blocks




- Witch Hats now also give the Vulnerable debuff when worn



- Tips are now displayed on the loading screen

- New discord rich presence mod is less buggy and more powerful


Bug Fixes:

- Wolves and other allied creatures will no longer turn on you if you hit another mob

- Fixed a broken villager trade with the Necromancer

- Added new Traverse, Thaumcraft biomes to fishing loot pool

Known Issues:

- The armor bar dissapears up into nothingness when you have more than 10 hearts

- Thermal Foundation axes do not treechop

- Golden fishing rod, reliquary fishing rod don't fish up fish but WILL fish up treasure and junk

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