Magiculture 2

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Filename Magiculture
Uploaded by Luke616
Uploaded Nov 4, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.68 MB
Downloads 1,108
MD5 6aeeafb4bc8799421dd1d06f49e21372
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



IMPORTANT! The quest book was updated! To update the quest book for an existing world, you must run the command "/bq_admin default load". This can be done manually or by completing the (repeatable) quest book quest "Updating the Pack". Thanks for supporting the pack in beta!

Mod Changes:

FORGE backdated to v.2768 (latest stable version at this time)



- Additional Structures, Bookshelf, Set Effect, Cyclops Core



- Not Enough Roofs



- No Fire Spread, Chunk Pregenerator, FTB Utils, FTB Lib



- Block Protector, Hammer Core


What's New:


- Thaumcraft aspects were added for some items



- Big veins now spawn underground again

-Lowered the spawnrate of small veins to offset this

- Fixed using silk touch on vanilla ores




- You now lose 50% XP on death (again)



- Added Thaumcraft loot to roguelike dungeons

- Roguelike Dungeons now (correctly) only spawn one treasure room on the 5th floor



- Silverfish no longer split when hit

- Creeper follow distance lowered

- Skeletons no longer spawn with axes in the overworld

- Wizard villagers now sell Reforge Runes



- Lowered requirement for Astral Sorcery cave illuminator



- Golden armor now has a set bonus

- Tattered leather armor, probe helmets will no longer deny your set bonus

- A new item, the Reforging Rune, can be used in the reforging table to reforge anything



- FTB Utils was added to make chunk claiming easy on server owners

- Fire no longer spreads, but will still extinguish naturally

- Cooking for blockheads sink is now much easier to make

- MobGriefing should now REALLY be false

Known Issues:

- The armor bar moves up the screen when you have more than 10 hearts

- Thermal Foundation axes do not treechop

- Golden fishing rod, reliquary fishing rod don't fish up fish but WILL fish up treasure and junk

- Wolves and other allied creatures will turn on you if you hit another mob


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