Magical Progression

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"Magical Progression: Arcanus" Coming February 29th


A non-questing magic-based progression modpack that has little/no tech, and has a smooth transition from every major magic mod! 




- Tooltips and info cards to give info

- Tons of new recipes

- Items not in any other pack

- *mods* not in any other pack

- Lore about the shattering 

- All magic

- Automation, progression, and exploration focused

- An expert pack in its core, including mods many have not seen

-  Plays like a sandbox (Choose your own goal, the finish is when you are satisfied with your experience) 


- 10+ dimensions to explore

- Enhanced tool customization without tinkers (Via enchants, attributes, and more)

- Tons of potions, ways to brew, and ways to customize them. Mix them together for extra fun!

- No resource animals!

- Mining experience overhauled
- 1.13+ content! New swimming, conduits, and tridents galore!

- Revamped health mechanics


- The first pack to have Divine Favor

- Within the first to have natures aura


- First pack to have  Demense
============= - Please submit any feedback you have about the pack here, in the comments, or on Reddit! Any of it is appreciated! Even negative!


If you want to do a let's play or showcase, PM me - I might put it on this page or even give you pre-release builds of the pack! If one does do this, it will be extremely helpful for me to study how others play the pack!


If you need any help, found a glitch, or if you are stuck - Open an issue, pm me, or comment on curse!


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