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Do your version of the lucky block challenge games like pat/popularmmos and jen/gamingwithjen (youtubers)


More Info:

If you don't know what lucky blocks are:

Originally created in 2015, the Lucky Block is a mod for Minecraft which has since gained over 5 million users.

The mod adds a new block to the game which, when opened, produces random outcomes.

While not all of these are positive, and some are useless, many contain valuable treasure.

Several special items that can occasionally be found in the block:

  • a sword
  • bows
  • potions


Each of these blocks will produce random outcomes in addition to their standard functions.

The mod aims to make the game more fun by adding an element of randomness and unpredictability.

You can even customize all of the outcomes yourself, or download a range of community add-ons.


This Modpack includes 25 lucky blocks:

  • Destiny Lucky Block
  • Black Hole Lucky Block
  • Emerald Lucky Block
  • Error Lucky Block
  • Herobrine Lucky Block
  • Chroma Lucky Block
  • Thanksgiving Lucky Block
  • Creeper Lucky Block
  • Monsters Lucky Block
  • Omega Lucky Block
  • Pink Lucky Block
  • Aether Lucky Block
  • Avaritia Lucky Block
  • Crafting Lucky Block
  • Fantasy Warefare Lucky Block
  • Galacticraft Lucky Block
  • ProjectE Lucky Block
  • Twighlight Lucky Block
  • Ultra Lucky Block
  • Zeiyocraft Lucky Block
  • Mechinized Lucky Block
  • New Year Lucky Block
  • Night Lucky Block
  • True Blue Lucky Block
  • Youtubers Lucky Block


If you dont know what mods are:

Minecraft “mods” (short for “modifications”) are changes or modifications made to the game to alter the original gameplay.

These can be as simple as updating the lighting and colors or as complex as introducing completely new and functional elements to the game-like new characters or new collectible items.


And some Mods:

  • AppleSkin
  • Block Armor
  • Mapmaker's Gadgets
  • Lucky Block
  • Sci-Fi Weaponry
  • Tough As Nails
  • WaterSkin