This is a Modpack which contains Lucky Blocks and other Stuff but there might be some bug since this is the First Version

This modpack contains for example Lucky Block Sword Armor

The Block so called Lucky Block contains diffrent kind of drops like Sword, Armour etc.

The drop of these Lucky Blocks depend on your Luck and what kind of Lucky Block you are Using.




If you got any suggestions on what other Mods i could add please leave a Comment /please check if there are already in this Modpack first please

I won´t make this for other Versions like 1.12.2 etc.

You can upload this to other 3rd-Party Modloader if you ask for Permmission.

Feel free to make a Modpack Review and post it in the Comments :)



Picture used is from the Dark Lucky Block Mod by _ForgeUser30490490