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"A modpack that mixes a little bit of magic with a lot of industry, good

for beginners, perfect for all." That would be the description of a modpack

I would like to play, so that is what I tried to achieve with this, and this is

"officially" my "first" modpack, so I really hope you like it as much as I do.


Here you can do a lot of stuff, from having your own immortal dog to having

huge and useful factories which you can use to automate certain processes,

like the production of materials or even mining. And don't forget all the magic

and mystical mods here. You also can grow everything you need and more, in

some awesome and beneficial crops, crops that give you the ability to farm rare

items, from diamonds to even rare mob drops, and you can also grow the items

needed to craft enchantment bottles, no more vanilla experience farms needed.


With this modpack, you can also create Paxels, which are powerful multitools,

or you can also craft other rarer tools, there are also a lot of vehicles you can

craft, modify and use, as well as having a full variety of new animals, enemies,

gadgets, armor, ores, and also new incredible enchantment books. You can

also explore dungeons like maybe you have never seen before, or build

whatever you want with a full new variety of blocks and materials. And if you

are a Streamer you can have a lot of fun using the CCI mod included on the



So if you like magic, or exploring, or the industrial life, or even the life

of an unusual farmer, or maybe you just love to build, this is your pack, so

enjoy! Have Fun! Gather your friends if you have those or play alone if you prefer

to, this modpack truly is for all.


IMPORTANT NOTES: The modpack needs at least 6656 MB of RAM to run at

a minimum, but I would recommend you to try it on 7 GB - 8 GB of RAM if

you want to have a smoother playthrough. I should also let you know that the

modpack is for forge-36.2.23 or above (that is only for 1.16.5 forge versions).


DISCLAIMER: The modpack is keeping its previous 1.15.2 versions, but 1.15.2

versions of this pack are no longer going to be released and 1.15.2 versions

of this pack are also no longer going to get support, we are going to start

looking towards the future.