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Looking for something a bit outside the norm?  Tired of using the exact same mods, and looking for something completely different?


Then this is NOT the pack for you.





Lightweight Adventures is a modpack put together by Ricardio223, the primary author of the quest book for the 1.16 version of the Team Rustic modpack (found here for anyone interested), tested extensively for playability and stability.  The pack is centered around ten main mods, with about thirty miscellaneous, quality-of-life improvement mods.  The big names are as follows:


FTB Quests rewards you for doing what you were going to do anyway, or for possibly trying out something different!

Silent Gear offers nearly infinite tool customization!  This modpack includes about a dozen custom materials, hand picked and only slightly balanced!  Be warned, though; vanilla tools have very little durability, so make the switch as soon as possible!

Create makes up the backbone of the modpack, providing aesthetically pleasing crafting, autocrafting, and other processing options!

Ars Nouveau allows you to get in touch with your magical side.  Multiple addons allow for further integration with other mods!

Farmer's Delight allows you to discover the joys of agriculture, without adding too much excessive fluff.  Integration with other mods, such as...

Cooking for Blockheads allows for more exciting and sometimes powerful options!

Immersive Engineering and Silent's Mechanisms offer different approaches to industrial processes.

And lastly, Oh The Biomes You'll Go and Alex's Mobs transform the world into a more vibrant and lush place for you to build your own adventure.


This is a beginner-friendly, tech-based pack with a quest-book/tutorial system that rewards you for trying things you might not otherwise do.  One of the biggest things is that this pack requires players to dabble in all the main series mods if they want to get ahold of everything.  Many overpowered items and mods, such as Ender Chests or Refined Storage have been configured to be far more expensive to make and/or operate.


In summary... it's a slightly different take on a proven formula.  It's not for everyone, but it might be right for you!



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Mod List (Current as of release):

A Block of Charcoal - TurkeyDev

Abnormals Delight - TeamAbnormals

Advanced Mining Dimension - henkelmax

Alex's Delight - NCP_Bails

Alex's Mobs - sbom_xela

AppleSkin - squeek502

Architectury API (Fabric/Forge) - shedaniel

Ars Creo - baileyholl2

Ars Elemental - Alexth99

Ars Nouveau - baileyholl2

Artifacts- ochotonida

AttributeFix - DarkhaxDev

Berry Bushes Don't Hurt Villagers - stephenb6174

Blueprint - TeamAbnormals

Bookshelf - DarkhaxDev

Botany Pots - DarkhaxDev

Botany Trees - DarkhaxDev

BountifulBaubles - Cursed1nferno

Building Gadgets - Direwolf20

Caelus API (Forge) - TheIllusiveC4

Catalogue - MrCrayfish

Citadel - sbom_xela

Clumps - Jaredlll08

CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ - covers1624

Collective - Serilum

Configured - MrCrayfish

Controlling - Jaredlll08

Cooking for Blockheads - BlayTheNinth

Create - simibubi

Create Crafts & Additions - MRHminer

Create Deco - talrey

Curios API (Forge) - TheIllusiveC4

Cyclic - Lothrazar

Decorative Blocks - Stohun

Decorative Blocks modded compat - Evo_934

Ding - ohaiiChun

Easy Piglins - henkelmax

Easy Villagers - henkelmax

Enchantment Descriptions - DarkhaxDev

Ender Storage 1.8.+ - covers1624

Engineer's Decor - wilechaote

ExpandAbility - florensie

Farmer's Delight - vectorwing

Farmer's Delight Compats - burritoeatinghamster

Fast Leaf Decay - olafskiii

FastWorkbench - Shadows_of_Fire

FastFurnace - Shadows_of_Fire

FastSuite - Shadows_of_Fire

FerriteCore (Forge) - malte0811

Flywheel - jozufozu

Framed Compacting Drawers - Eutropium

FTB Chunks (Forge) - FTB

FTB Library (Forge) - FTB

FTB Quests (Forge) - FTB

FTB Teams (Forge) - FTB

GeckoLib - ThanosGecko

Global Packs - JTK222

Healing Campfire - Serilum

Immersive Engineering - BluSunrize

Immersive Petroleum - Flaxbeard

Iron Chests - ProgWML6

Item Filters - LatvianModder

Jade 🔍 - Snownee_

JEI Enchantment Info - Phylogeny

Just Enough Items (JEI) - mezz

Just Enough Professions (JEP) - MrBysco

Just Enough Resources (JER) - way2muchnoise

Kotlin for Forge - thedarkcolor

KubeJS - LatvianModder

KubeJS Create - LatvianModder

KubeJS Immersive Engineering - Latvian Modder

Metal Barrels - tfarecnim

Moonlight Lib - MehVahdJukaar

More Storage Drawers - RydelFox

Morpheus - Quetzi

Mouse Tweaks - YaLTeR

Nature's Compass - Chaosyr

No Hostiles Around Campfire - Serilum

Oh The Biomes You'll Go - AOCAWOL

Oh The Biomes You'll Go Plus - chuunkyz

OpenBlocks Elevator - vsngarcia

Patchouli - Vazkii

Placebo - Shadows_of_Fire

Polymorph (Forge) - TheIllusiveC4

Quests Additions - NaturaSpell

ReAuth - TechnicianLP

Refined Cooking - ItsSebastrn

Refined Storage - raoulvdberge

Repair Chests - Dyonovan

Repurposed Structures (Forge) - telepathicgrunt

Rhino - LatvianModder

Runelic - DarkhaxDev

Shutup Experimental Settings! - Corgi_Taco

Silent Gear - SilentChaos512

Silent Lib (silentlib) - SilentChaos512

Silent's Mechanisms - SilentChaos512

Simple Discord RPC [Forge/Fabric/Quilt] - hypherionsa

Startup QoL - PieKing1215

Storage Drawers - Texelsaur

Supplementaries - MehVahdJukaar

The Weirding Gadget - AtomicBlom

Toast Control - ShadowsOfFire

Tubes Reloaded - Commobile

Upgrade Aquatic - TeamAbnormals

Waystones - BlayTheNinth


YUNG's Extras (Forge) - YUNGNICKYUNG