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Dive into the world of Laconia!


  • Construct your technological empire with mods such as Create, the Thermal series, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, Blue Power, RFTools, and more!
  • Fulfill your magical ambitions with Ars Nouveau, Occultism, Nature's Aura, Mahou Tsukai, Hexerei, Forbidden and Arcanus, Apotheosis, and more!
  • Satisfy both of the previous urges with Botania!
  • Automate all the things with XNet, Integrated Dynamics, Little Logistics, LaserIO, Pedestals, and even more!
  • Service your food cravings with Farmer's Delight and its various addons, Neapolitan, Create Confectionery, and others!  Spice of Life supplies additional hearts from eating most of the foodstuffs in the game, Botany Pots let you grow all the crops, and Cooking for Blockheads makes turning them into meals simple!
  • Exploration spiced-up by mods like Oh The Biomes You'll Go, YUNG's better structures suite, Alex's Mobs, Signpost, and more!
  • Spruce up your base with Macaw's mods, Decorative Blocks, Framed Blocks, Domum Ornamentum, and more!
  • Don't feel like exploring? No problem! Ex Nihilo Sequentia, Summoning Rituals, and others allow you to obtain most resources without exploration!
  • Brand-new recipes introducing cross-mod interactions!
  • A curio slot for your Time in a Bottle, so it can accumulate time without taking up inventory space!
  • Jetpack flight options require progress in numerous different mods, culminating in creative flight!


Laconia is the culmination of my go-to mod list since 1.16, as well as the KubeJS scripts I've written since then to try and make the experience more cohesive. At over 370 mods, there's definitely something here for everyone to enjoy!