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Industrial Vanilla+
Modpack Description:

The Minecraft modpack "Kriejt" offers an immersive and enhanced gameplay experience by combining several popular mods.



Mods included in Kriejt:

  1. Create mod: This mod introduces a plethora of mechanical and engineering possibilities to Minecraft. Create complex systems, automate tasks, and unleash your creativity with an extensive range of gears, belts, and machines.

  2. Create: Steam 'n' Rails: Enhance your transportation options with this addon for the Create mod. Build steam-powered trains and set up railway networks to connect your vast creations. Travel in style and transport goods with efficiency.

  3. Enhanced Mob Spawner: Prepare for challenging encounters as this mod ramps up the difficulty of mob spawning. Experience a more dynamic and thrilling survival gameplay with increased mob variety and unique abilities.

  4. Just Enough Items (JEI): This essential utility mod provides an in-game recipe viewer and item lookup tool. Easily browse crafting recipes, discover new items, and manage resources efficiently with Just Enough Items.


Support and Contact:

For any support or inquiries related to the CreateCraft modpack, please reach out to us on Discord. You can contact us at Perchant#2178 on Discord. We are dedicated to assisting players and addressing any concerns or feedback you may have. Join our Discord server and become part of the community today! JOIN DISCORD