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The Legend of Eternia - Realm of Myth and Magic


The Kingdom of Eternia modpack adds an RPG dynamic, loads of new content, while still keeping a classic minecraft “feel” to the game.


We set out to create one of the most Comprehensive Magick and Fantasy packs out there,

Spells, Monsters, Rituals, Curses, Summonings, Conjurings, Voodoo Dolls, and more.

Hundreds of foods and plants and trees, yes, hundreds.

Dozens and Dozens of Armors, Weapons, Tools.

Redstone on the Land and in The Sea, Redstone that Runs off Magick made from Trees and Color... Redstone and Magick combine in this pack to bring you a vast new realm of possibility.
More Mobs than you could ever want, new farm animals, new wild mounts, new hostile mobs, bosses, random encounters and more.
RPG leveling system and Origins, combined with the unique armors and tools that give special effects, you can truly customize your character and enhance the way you play. 

This pack is fun in singleplayer, but to get the Real experience, you can only find that with us at the Legend of Eternia minecraft server, we have our settings and configuration there set the way the pack was Meant to be played. 
You know the old saying, You can take the Magick pack out of Eternia, but you cant take Eternia out of the Magick pack hahah.

Join us on discord to come see for yourself