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  • This modpack is based on the popular manga & animeDemon Slayer"
  • Rank up from Mizunoto, Mizunoe, Kanoto, Kanoe, Tsuchinoto
  • Countless hours of immersive content 
  • All I can say is, if you enjoy Demon Slayer and Minecraft, this modpack is a must-download. Give it a try and let me know what you think! ENJOY!


  • You can become a Slayer by killing a demon / or making a sun sword (Nichirin Sword).
  • Once the sun sword is made and held in your hand, it will get a random color (element) from 7/8 others.


  • To become a demon you need to find a special ore "Muzan Blood Ore".
  • To get demonic power packs you have to kill demons to get their power packs!


Do you need help? | Did you find a bug? | Want to help me to fix the ModPack? send a message on Discord!

My Discord UserName: demslayer


Don’t have a server to play Demon Slayer with your friends?

Click on the picture below, select a plan (at least 3GB), use code ‘Slayer’ to get 25% off your first month. Enjoy having your own server to call home!



Things from the real Mod Creator

  • Key Setting
  • R: Change breathes or blood demon arts
  • Right Click: Use breathing or blood demon art (need Nichirin sword or blood demon art item)
  • S + Jump: Back Step
  • M: Demon slayer mark (need advancement grant)


  • How to progress in Slayer, follow the advancements!
  • For demons you have to consume blood, 3 drops of blood will make you go up one level
  • (50 drops will increase you to the max level, but if you keep consuming blood you will get more hearts! )