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Welcome to

KidZ Minecraft top Modpack


a not so simple and deep modpack I made for my kids


Check my new modpack: KidZ 4 - Dragons and Creepers



A challenging pack adapted to players that are new to moddded minecraft. Even if the learning curve is easy, the pack itself is full of small tweaks and over 150 quests to help newer players as well as improving immersion. This modpack follows the previously released KidZ modpack on Technic Launcher and KidZ2 on curseforge.


It has quite more mods than the previous version, and should be adapted to a mid-range computer. If you have trouble, please use an earlier version (look for KidZ 2).


The modpack is still in Work In Progress, but is fully working. Server versions are now available! If there is no server pack, please use the previous server version which should work fine with the latest client version.

KidZ 3 Minecraft Modpack Features


  • Kid Friendly
  • Over 150 quests
  • More sweet mobs
  • More hearts
  • More mighty weapons
  • Computer and turtle programming (through in-game LUA programming)
  • Lots of decoration elements
  • Automation and machines
  • Exploration (180 different biomes)
  • Lots of foods options
  • Electricity
  • Automation 


Server pack is available.

KidZ 3 is officially partnered with BisectHosting. Use code maxwelljonez for 25% off the first month. The servers are really high quality and client service is very friendly. They have servers all around the globe. I can only highly recommend them.


Bissect Hosting Servers



Min 3GB RAM (local)

Best 6GB+ RAM (local)
Min 6GB RAM for servers


  • More Quests
  • Cleanup Mods
  • Starting Config
  • Custom Main Menu
  • Tweaked Crafting Recipe to Enhance the Experience



Please report bugs, though it seems pretty stable now, this is still WIP.


Much love to all mod developers, this wouldn't be possible without you ;)

Positive comments to help improve are highly welcome.


Please like the pack, it's helping me to develop if further ;)



Click here --> curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/KidZ3/modlist



You want to join the test server? Hop on the discord and get whitelisted :)


Check me on

twitter: https://twitter.com/Maxwelljonez

twitch: http://www.twitch.com/maxwelljonez

youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/Maxwelljonez

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/maxwellj0nez

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/maxwelljonez


Please do NOT rehost/redistribute the modpack or any of its content, logo, name, custom configs, art on other platforms.

Of course it is OK to stream/shoot/make/share screenshots and videos of the modpack and its in-game content.