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An attempt to heavily prune my mod usage, and maintain power balance between mods.

The following mods are included:


Of all the tech mods, this one feels like it belongs in Minecraft the most. Gears, conveyor belts, and contraptions make automation feel more like a puzzle than a grind.

Just Another Rotten Flesh To Leather Mod

I don't like killing so many cows for a material that is considered low-tier.

Simple Storage Network

Managing inventory is not "The fun part" of the game, and this mod makes it easier.


Walking is also not "The fun part", but paradoxically, exploration is. Waystones are configured to only spawn in villages, meaning that each village acts as a clear stopping point/checkpoint during an exploration.

GraveStone Mod

Getting back to your things after death is a challenge. Re-aquiring all your gear after its lost is a pain. This mod removes the pain, while keepign the challenge.

When Dungeons Arise

Provides fantastic structures to explore. Beautiful, challenging, and huge, these are some of the best generated structures I've seen in years.

Integrated Dungeons

Provides fantastic structures to explore. Most structure mods work by pushing vanilla design to it's limits. This one goes one step further and requires a number of other mods so that it can add more complex structures.

The Twilight Forest

A fantastic exploration mod, adding an entire new dimension with new bosses and progressively unlocked areas.

Alex's Mobs

Adds many new creatures to Minecraft. Also a dependency of Integrated Dungeons.


Adds many new blocks to Minecraft. Also a dependency of Integrated Dungeons.</p>


Adds many new features to Minecraft. Also a dependency of Integrated Dungeons.


I love Antique Atlas, but this is already ported to 1.19 and integrates with Waystones. Navigation without a map is more frustrating than it is exciting.

Just Enough Items

Vital for exploring recipes and items in modded Minecraft. Don't leave home without it.

Just Enough Resources

Integrates resource generation into Just Enough Items.

Distant Horizons

This masterpiece generates dynamic level-of-detail. I consider this mod to be the best performance improvement mod for modded Minecraft. In my opinion, a vanilla render distance of 8 and a Distant Horizons render distance of 64 is faster and better looking than a vanilla render distance of 16. I feel like I can't go back.


Dependency library.


Dependency library.


Dependency library for animations and entity properties.

Moonlight Lib

Dependency library for building on vanilla functionality.