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Island Adventure is a new modpack made up of new biome mods and features in a "vanilla" style, but most importantly, it changes the world generation of Minecraft, which will now be full of islands of different sizes.

Basically, there will be no large continents, but now the whole world will be made up of islands of different sizes, from some practically tiny, to gigantic islands of colossal sizes.

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This modpack completely changes the generation of the Minecraft terrain, something ideal for all those players who are already tired of natural generation. Now, the worlds of Minecraft will be made up of islands, of all sizes.

Furthermore, this fantastic modpack has been designed to be compatible with a lot of Minecraft mods, including those that add biomes or structures to the terrain generation.

🏝️ Explore a world made up of islands, thanks to Survival Island, but with the new biomes added by Biomes O' Plenty!

🔊 Enjoy an exciting game surrounded by immersive mods that enhance the gaming experience, such as AmbientSounds, Sound Physics Remastered, Serene Seasons or Better Animations Collection, among many others.

⚔️ Fight against new enemies, and explore new structures thanks to Awesome Dungeon or L_Ender 's Cataclysm.

🍎 And much, much more that you will have to discover for yourself, such as, for example, the dozens of new foods in Croptopia or the best archeology in Better Archeology.

🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏼 A perfect modpack for multiplayer games and fully optimized for any device, including the fantastic shaders Complementary Shaders - Unbound!

Minecraft keeps loading? You enter the world but your FPS is low?

Please make sure to increase the RAM in case you need it, most problems are due to this. If you use the curseforge app, it's as easy as clicking on profile options, uncheck the option to use default memory system and move the bar to the right (at least we recommend 5GB or 5120 MB).

If you see that it is still not enough, increase the RAM more!

Is there an error with your server?

Unfortunately, when setting up a server on your own, or hiring a hosting that I have not recommended, the modpack may not work.

This modpack work perfectly with Bisect Hosting, so I recommend 100% to hire such hosting. Also, you will get a 25% discount if you do it through this link and use the code "Lupin".

What files should I copy to the .minecraft folder?

I really recommend you to use the CurseForge app, it is much faster and you avoid errors. Also, if you prefer to do an installation on your own, it is absolutely essential to copy both the "mods" folder and the "config" folder.

Many users forget to copy the "config" folder, this is a really bad thing. The mods in the modpack have been modified, and if you do not copy this folder, you will not be able to enjoy the modifications we have made.