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Journey SMP Season 7 - The Journey Beyond is the latest installment of the Journey SMP Modpack series featuring a brand new progression system, quests, and many new and exciting features. This season has a few themes. One being Magic, two being Space, and three Summer time. The mods included in this modpack are simple yet expansive making it feel like you always have something new to tackle. A special feature being introduced this season is the new progression system, every modpack update this season will further unlock new items, bosses, and quests for you to play with having a harder and more expansive difficulty than the prior update. The Journey SMP Minecraft server is perfect for you to join since you can easily play with all these features in a multiplayer setting as they release. 

New Features This Season Include

-Land/Chunk Claiming with a starting chunk count at 48
-Teaming abilities to make multiplayer easier 
-New building mechanics 
-Several new biomes and dimensions to explore
-New boss fights and an improved magic system
-A revamped progression system to make every update feel fresh and immersive 
-Quests with rewards that feel worth grinding for
-No more skills and having to grind for that 
-You can also now go to space
-Built in Voice Chat Mod
-and much more alongside all your favorite past features