This isn't your grandma's Minecraft

Ever wondered what it would be like to play Minecraft, Pokemon, and Doom at the same time? You’re about to find out. Jetpack Cat Minecraft is what I would call a story exploration adventure pack. I’ve spent the last year, and over 1,800 hours making it. There’s over 1,600 different looking mobs, with over 1,300 variant mob textures, and that’s just the Minecraft mobs. Lycanites mobs have been added and configured from the ground up - they don’t just spawn at night, and they’re everywhere. What can you do against all these powerful monsters when your friends are down and it’s just you? Take out your assault rifle and blast away, because your main weapons are guns. You won’t just run into battle though, you’ll fly, leap and bounce with your movement speed, jump height, attack, and swim speed all having been increased. Double jump your way right to your death, because you’ll die a lot at first. You’ll get better as you discover all the secrets and artifacts I've hidden away for you to use. Find the power and piston gloves to one-shot monsters and make them fly across the map. There’s tons of powerful items you can only find in chests. You’ll have to explore though, because to get to The End to fight Mother and uncover what’s really going on, you’ll need to collect 12 different eyes of ender, spread throughout your world. In the meantime you can capture and collect any and all mobs in little jars, just make sure they’re below 60% health. Hang them on your walls and transport them for whatever reasons you want. Maybe release one in your friends base?

Meet Good AI

Hello! I'm Good AI! I will guide you with voice messages to help you along! I am against the assimilation of humans into a collective mind! I promise! My job is to protect you and relay messages from your son, Benjamin!

Hordes of Monsters

In the overworld, massive amounts of zombies spawn in different waves throughout the night. Gummy Land has Skeletons and Spiders that spawn in hordes. They all move faster, hit harder, and track you from much further. I’ll make you regret staying awake. Lycanites mobs is included and all of their spawns, health, damage, and speed has been changed. You'll poop your pants for sure, get a diaper.

Black Market Quests

There’s tons of quests for you to complete. Get rewarded with unique items for eradicating mobs. Rack up kills while the quest log keeps track and rewards you when you reach kill tiers. Get unique items to help you when entering new dimensions. There’s fun rewards for everything!

Fully Customizable Guns

The Black Market offers beautifully colored guns, each color available by completing a quest. Some are harder to get than others, and one requires killing adorable pandas. I'll make you a cold blooded killer by the end of your playthrough. Gun attachments help with recoil, ADS speed, and accuracy. Scopes and attachments may only be found while fishing.

Loot Boxes

Loot boxes will have a chance to drop from mobs when they die, and can be found in chests! Open them up to receive awesome new weapons and armor with random stats and enchantments applied.

Gun Crates

Find gun crates throughout your world in chests. Gun Crates come in three rarities: Rare, Super Rare, and Exotic. Once eaten, you'll receive a random gun of that rarity. It's like a loot box, but just for guns! If you find a gun you don't want, scrap it on a stonecutter. Save up your gun scrap and craft a new gun crate or some extra ammo with it.

Over 1,300 Community Made Mob Textures

Vanilla mobs now have variant textures, over 1,300 in total. You'll recognize a lot of them from your favorite tv shows to YouTubers you may know. With so many textures, killing and capturing mobs has never been so fun.


The health system has been overhauled. You now have a regenerating shield that charges up 6 seconds after you last took damage. Your shield is Minecraft absorption, so anything that increases absorption will increase your shield for the duration of it's effect. You'll regenerate normal health as long as your food bar is 60% full. You also regain health faster. Health canisters allow you to increase your health by 10 skulls.

Party Up!

Party up with your friends to view their real-time vital signs, know when they're low on health and when they need something to eat. You'll probably know sooner though when you hear your friends screams as they're swarmed by zombies and crazy life-sucking monsters. Please seek professional help if you feel you need therapy after you play this pack.


Explore the many massive structures around your new world, from mega castles to pirate ships to floating sky villages and castles and crazy dungeons full of goblins! There's pyramids, pillager camps and more! There's a never ending list of structures to explore and things to find. Watch out though, some are straight death traps - home to bosses who might not like you. Let’s be honest, they’re gonna kill you, and I think that’s just great :D


There's tons of new bosses for you to find in the world when you're ready for pain. If you see a random mob with a name tag, it's a boss! They’re all different, so good luck muahhaah you’re gonna die kid! Diapers not included.

Starting Gear

Everyone starts with an assault rifle, backpack, food, a few hearts, sleeping bag, a totem of undying, and plenty of ammo to keep you alive and slaying monsters in your early game.

XP Coins

Mobs no longer drop experience orbs. Now mobs have a chance of dropping XP Coins, which can be right clicked while holding to add XP to your experience bar. Save or trade XP Coins, only use them when you need them so you don't lose everything when you inevitably die. If you're feeling lucky, kill a couple GameBots around your world for a chance to pick up a game. Hold your XP Coins in your left hand, the game in your right hand, then interact with a GameBot. You'll get to play the game you've found for a chance to double your coins, or lose it all.

Manage and expand villages

These villagers aren’t your typical pointless villagers, you can interact with them! Find a pretty girl or handsome fella and tell them a joke, make a ring and propose, then have babies. Once you have babies and they age a bit, you can put them to work collecting wood and other resources - just like real life! Create a blueprint to edit your villages and grow your people!

Arcade Mode!

Battle a never-ending wave of monsters! Each of the 5 dimensions for this mode has different monsters that spawn in super high numbers. Choose a loadout, then choose a dimension and start spawning monsters. Go to Inner Earth to fight Ravagers, Vex's, and Pillagers. Go to Heck to battle flying kamakazi skulls that explode on you. Go to Eight Bit dimension to battle flying creatures, or Gummy Land to battle skeletons and super-fast spiders! Or just stay in the overworld and battle waves of deadly, super-fast zombies! The choice of where you die is up to you! How fun! This mode is not meant for playthrough worlds, but as something to do on the side with friends, or just to practice your gun and movement skills.

Preconfigured Shaders included

BSL, Complementary and the new Complementary Reimagined shaders are all included. BSL shaders have been preconfigured for better performance. Make sure you have optifine installed to use them. I highly suggest Complementary Reimagined shaders!


You run faster, swim faster, jump higher, reach further, and dash, you're a double jumping wall bouncing machine! Jump at a wall and hold crouch to wall grab, then jump again to scale up to a 5 block high structure. Press left Alt to dash while moving. Dashing give you slight upward thrust so if you combine it all you can go higher than 5 blocks. You can stay underwater for much longer now, combined with your new movements speed it allows you to explore more.

Mob drops

Mobs drop health skulls, resources, armor, ammo, missiles, grenades and weapons - but not guns. Mobs drop every kind of ammo, but will give you a higher chance of dropping ammo for the gun you’re using. If you use a rifle, you have a higher chance of getting rifle ammo. If you’re out of ammo, you’ll still have a chance of getting it while using a sword or bow. Mobs now spawn with random armor and weapons, and have a small chance of dropping some of it.

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1] Download the curseforge overworld launcher (or another launcher you prefer).
2] Login with your Minecraft Microsoft account.
3] Search modpacks for Jetpack Cat and install the modpack.
4] Download Optifine and drop it into the mods folder.
5] [optional] Download Sapixcraft texture pack [16x for 1.16] and put the .zip you downloaded into your resource pack folder. Once you start the game, go to settings > resource packs, and put Sapixcraft under the Jetpack Cat Resource Pack.
6] Launch your game, start your world, die, then die again and again :)

If your computer is powerful enough, turn on shaders in the video settings, this modpack comes with preconfigured BSL shaders.



Here’s some info on what I do that you’re probably not yet doing that will make Minecraft run MUCH better.

Optifine “Required”

While Optifine isn’t absolutely required to run this pack, you’ll lose out on several things by not using it. The holographic red dot sight colors won't be emissive(they wont glow), horses will not have their custom textures, wolves will not look like dragons, clouds will cover sky villages instead of being above them, and your game's performance will suffer. Optifines downside is that it increases the initial game loading time by several times. I would rather have my game take longer to load initially than to experience stutter and fps drops mid battle. If you choose not to use optifine, you CANNOT complain about performance. I’ve extensively tested optifine, and it makes the game MUCH smoother to play. This modpack includes the optifine settings file, all you need to do is download optifine and drop it into the mods folder, that’s it.

Play in Fullscreen Mode

Windows treats games in fullscreen mode differently than in windowed mode. You’ll experience better fps and less stutters in fullscreen mode. Press F11 to switch between windowed mode and fullscreen mode. Fullscreen borderless mode is not the same as fullscreen.

Memory Allocation - How to prevent stutter and game freezes

Minecraft runs on Java, and Java is weird. When the amount of ram/memory you’ve told the game it can use fills up, garbage collection kicks in. When garbage collection kicks in, it freezes the game until it’s done. If you allocate 10GB for minecraft to use, then the garbage collector will wait until that 10GB of memory is almost full, then it will try to get rid of all the garbage it no longer needs in the game. At this point, java will garbage collect at least 5 gigabytes of memory, which takes longer to dispose of than say 1GB of memory. This is the reason you want to allocate as LITTLE memory to Minecraft as possible, you want garbage collection to happen frequently so it happens quickly. More ram allocated means more gigabytes of data to garbage collect, which means your game will freeze for longer when garbage collection happens.

You can run this modpack on 4 to 5GB of memory allocated to Minecraft. I suggest you start at 4GB, and if you want to experiment, you can increase the memory allocation. This pack doesn’t need 8GB allocated, you’ll hurt performance by doing that.

Dynamic Lights

The dynamic lights setting is used to light the surfaces around you while holding a torch in your hand. It’s turned off by default due to the player's increased movement speed, and minecraft being unable to produce the dynamic lighting quickly enough, causing the ground light to flicker while running with a torch in your hand.

BSL shaders and complementary shaders provide their own very smooth dynamic lights.

If you choose to turn dynamic lights on while not playing with shaders, you’ll see ground light flickering when running around with a torch in your hand. It’s recommended you throw flares instead of holding a torch while running around exploring. Complementary Reimagined shaders currently do no have dynamic lighting, as the shader was just recently released.