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Who am I

Hi, I'm Insane, I'm from Italy, and I'm a kind of Game Developer and "gamer".

What's this pack

It's a not-so-big pack based around Mining and Machines with a better tool progression and harder mobs.

Tips for players that play for first time play this modpack

  • The advancements are really useful to know how to start and what to do.
  • Vanilla Tools and Armor can only be used for crafting.
  • Harder Mobs thanks to Special AI and some other similar mods.
  • Strip Mining is good but you'll need Minecarts to transport tons of things
    • Tools Material Progression has been changed, it's no longer Wood > Stone > Iron > Diamond, but instead is Crude > Flint > Copper > Iron > ...

Use code Insane96 to get 20% off the first 3 months!!


How to install Modpacks from Curse via Twitch App:

If you have Twitch App already installed, skip to 2:31

Mods List 
(and why they are in the pack) (libraries, APIs, etc. are not listed)


Youtube Series!

None for Now!

Recommended mods

  • Optifine - Makes the game run smoothly, plus ZOOM
  • Recommend me other mods!

Optional Mods (Those mods are already configured but are not in the pack)

  • None for now


  • Mid Spec Computer
  • About 3 Gb of Ram

Server Requirements

  • About 3 Gb of ram.