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Insomnia: Hardcore

Get ready for the ultimate hardcore adventure with 'Insomnia: Hardcore'! Experience a new level of immersion and exploration with enhanced world generation, improved combat and new dungeons to conquer. With a unique revival system in place, your hardcore journey doesn't have to end prematurely just because one player in the group dies. Discover new content and mechanics that adds depth to the game, all while not straying too far from the beloved essence of Minecraft.


-[ Difficulty Changes! 💀 ]-

Sleeping disabled!
Progressive difficulty!
Limited lives! (Servers only)
Increased mob spawning at night!
Caves gets dark. Very dark!
Mobs attempt parkour! [Link]


-[ Designed for Multiplayer! 📶 ]-

Official Server!
Proximity Voice Chat!
Revive Potions!
Recurring Respawn Waves! [Link]
Random Spawn Locations!
Chunk Claiming!


-[ Origins and Classes! 🦍 ]-

As you enter a new world, get ready for an important decision: choosing your Origin and Class. Each option comes with its own set of fun quirks, buffs, and debuffs. So take your time and weigh your options carefully before embarking on your exciting adventure.


-[ Breakneck Performance! 📈 ]-

Being made by the same developer as Breakneck: Optimized, making the modpack run as smoothly as possible is a top priority!

Shader Pack Support! ✔ Improved Framerate! ✔ Visual Improvements! ✔


-[ Enhanced World Generation! 🌍 ]-

Overhauled Overworld, Nether and End generation!
Bunch of new dungeons!
Reworked vanilla structures!
New village types!
Safehouses to take shelter in when exploring!


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See dependecies.
Modlist from 'Insomnia: Hardcore - v1.4.2': [Link]