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Filename Infitech
Uploaded by pyure_tk
Uploaded Aug 9, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Infitech v1.09


* Fixed Molten recipes required for NC Molten Fuels
* Enabled NC "Melter" and "Centrifuge" machines
* Added our first batch of legitimate mining Asteroids
* Molybdenum veins no longer spawn in OW (moved to Asteroids)
* Tungstate veins no longer spawn in OW (moved to Luna)
* Disabled NC Steel recipes (no ez steel for u)
* Renamed first coal boiler quest to remove a duplicate name
* Removed the Mutagen Producer (no wussy mutagen access for u)
* "Reliable Fuel" quest now available much earlier; improved its verbiage
* Added a new custom block "Moon Soil"; it can be tilled with a GT hoe (ONLY GT); only persists on Moon.
* Added custom Heliopis and Dilinthia plants which can only be planted on Moon Soil. Currently these can only be purchased in Shop. Will tweak this in the future.
* Fixed broken (GT) recipes in AR Lathe
* Brutally nerfed Helium extraction from Moon Turf (see Helium plants above)
* Activated NC's GT-compat for the Chemical Reactor (a bunch of recipes from NC will now be available in GT)
* Removed clay water bucket from listAllwater oredict, and added it to some specific recipes
* "Black Gold" quest now informs player about types of oil required
* Luna now generates totally realistic Concentrated-Helium geysers (I'm sure they make sense somewhere)
* Fixed Thermite Torch recipe to allow Aluminium instead of Aluminum


Mods Updated
* Iron Chests
* Advanced Rocketry
* CodechickenLib, FMP
* Project Red
* Iron Chests
* BD Lib
* Pneumaticraft
* FTB Quests


* GT Pipes/Machines should now be FMP-friendly. Try out your covers and whatnot again and let us know!

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