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100 days of hardcore minecraft in the industrial revolution and a climate
apocalypse we're going to be using the most popular crafting add-on mod for minecraft immersive engineering
but as we destroy the environment it will fight back and every 10 days the
world around us will spawn deadly tornadoes winter blizzards and finally
if we pollute the environment too much there could even be natural disasters like volcanoes
with a ton of other fun mods like pam's harvest craft for better farming rogue-like dungeons for a better map and
serene seasons so we have to work around all the changing seasons this modpack is
not only one that's fun to watch but it's also one that's really fun to play so if you want to join me in the
industrial revolution you can find the link for the modpack in the description i'll try to walk us through each modded
thing i do so you can have some fun and learn how to play immersive engineering