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Header Nether


Prepare yourself to a new fantasy adventure where you can choose what kind of magic most suits your needs or style and use tech as support to your rituals.




Explore a world of fantastic creatures and choose your ride because... here be dragons for real! Choose your style, go by land or sky, conquer the Nether with your new skills or ride and prepare to explore the Better End with new lights and biomes to enhance your experience.


Wild life


Enjoy also the simple wild life with a variety of animals and birds, hunt all the mysterious eggs and birds in every biome.


House magic and tech


Choose to do strange and new contraptions mixing the key features of tech and magic and prepare yourself to be called the ultimate technomage around!


Mod List:

  • Absent by design
  • Alex's mobs
  • Better village
  • BetterEnd Forge
  • Blood Magic
  • Botania
  • Botany pots
  • Carry on
  • Chicken chunks
  • Create
  • Druidcraft
  • Dungeon Crawl
  • Exotic Birds
  • Exrended Lights
  • Extra Golems
  • Fast leaf decay
  • Iron Chests
  • JEI
  • Mana Liquidizer
  • More Villagers
  • Mystical Agriculture
  • Mystical Pumpkins
  • Occultism
  • Reliquary
  • Sky Villages
  • Storage Drawers
  • Swing Through Grass
  • Sword Display
  • True Weaponary
  • Wyrmroost
  • Xaeros
  • YUNG's Better Mineshafts

This is a modpack well tested on a server for long time with friends, provided hours of fun and I wanted to share the project with other.