Industrialism 2

1,264 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 2, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2



Yes i changed the name for no reason.


This new pack is designed for 1.12.2, it follows the same premise of being a lite, and easy to run pack, with a very heavy focus on immersive engineering. Like you would have no doubt seen, this pack also now features trains! Immersive engineering has a fantastic addon called immersive railroading, which allows you to build massive lifesize trains, to explore your minecraft world.


It's very cool, and i sure wish it was a more well known mod in the modding community, but i guess it just isn't?


You also have a few other mods to make exploring a lot more fun, OTG with biome bundle, Natura, for it's huge menu of PLANKS, and of course the Aether, which i have always believed is a perfect complement to the Nether, regardless of whether you're playing "vanilla+" or super hardcore 250+ mods.


Okay yeah that's pretty much it, you have loads of beautiful misc mods, dynamic surroundings, better foliage etc.


I don't expect to update this pack, like at all, but if anyone points out any horrendous bugs, or issues, i'll release minor fixes.


Okay see you in another 3 years!!!!







This pack was made purely to test my ability to make modpacks in the future. The pack is extremely unbalanced, and a lot of features remain unfinished, and the pack most definitely will not be updated to the most current versions.


However, if you like the concept, feel free to download the pack and try it, as regardless of how messy it is, it's still surprisingly fun to play.



If you're looking for a new version of this pack, it does now have a successor.


The new version of this Modpack is for Minecraft 1.12.2, and follows the same vibe, of an Industrial Revolution style Minecraft.



So as you may have guessed, this pack focuses on the fact that it's modded minecraft in 1.10!

This means of course that we have super up to date versions of already existing, very cool mods (such as Tinkers Construct 2, which is loaded with tons of new awesome features circa 1.7.10) and also the new features of minecraft 1.10, which means new combat mechanics, magma blocks, bone veins, the improved ender dragon fight, and of course the revolutionary Elytra!

This modpack focuses around 3 core mods, Tinkers Construct, Immersive Engineering, and ProjectE (equivalent exchange).


The reason for this, is because i feel these are 3 mods that are usually taken for granted in large scale modpacks (with tinkers construct being the greatest outlier in this trend), as with Immersive Engineering for example, there always seems to be a much simpler, cheaper, (and almost always less interesting) method of achieving exactly the same thing.


The modpack also has a lot of what i would call "quality of life" mods, which are all implemented effectively. This includes fast leaf decay (kinda self explanatory that one), Just Enough Items, and better foliage. However there are also slight game play changing mods, such as soul shards and the gravestone mod.


The modpack comes with a questbook, which isn't finished just yet, but i'll be working on that as i play through the pack on my YouTube channel. The quest book is currently in the pack, but just doesn't really work how i'd want it to. Feel free to try it with a pinch of salt though.


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