Immersed With Shaders


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Immersed With Shaders is a fully client side modpack, Probably the best Performance & FPS you can get on minecraft, also with Quality of Life mods, shaders and enhanced vanilla sounds and ambience.

Do Not Add Optifine! It is a horrible mod and will break the modpack!

Fabric Version Available Here

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✅Vanilla Server Compatible
✅Built In Shaders
✅Fully Client Side
✅Supports All PC's
✅High FPS Boost
✅Many Visual Improvements
✅Better HUD
✅1.18 (v1) Available
✅Supports 1.19 (v2)
✅Supports 1.20 (v3)
✅Enhanced Sounds
✅Easy To Use
✅Journey Map's (J)
✅Custom Music Mod
✅Zoom Feature (Z)
✅Enhanced Animations
No Optifine Needed!

To enable shaders, go to pause menu > Video Settings > Shader Packs > Select the shader that's there and click apply. Toggle Shaders button available too in controls.

Customize Your Shaders!

Complementary Shaders Guide:

Sildurs Vibrant Shaders Medium Guide:

Sildurs Enhanced Default Guide:

I own none of these mods or shaders, all credit goes to the mod authors and shader authors. 
- Complementary Reimagined (EminGTR)
- Sildurs Shaders (SildurFX)
- Voyager Shader 2.0 (symbiome67)