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New Horror Craft modpack!


If you haven't already check out the new Horror Craft modpack! its quite different so dont expect just a 1.16 version of this modpack

Modpack link


Videos of horror craft!



Maybe you're too bored of normal Minecraft and want to try something that'll give you anxiety, this is what this modpack aims to do with a mix of somewhat peaceful daytime and a anxiety filling night in a experience sure to leave you scared of the dark.

If you're brave enough to enter a cave system with only a few torches then best of luck to you dealing with not just the creatures down there but the sounds and echoing screams of distant monsters that want to kill you from the darkness.


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Endless anxiety awaits you when playing Horror Craft, blood moons and pitch black caves with the echoing sound of deadly creatures from the darkness.

Be careful when mining as torches will slowly go out leaving you alone in the dark, or are you alone?

Quests give players a general guide as to how to start off and what to aim for.

A plague to fight off or have it conjure your world having demonic creatures roam the woods.


  • Quests
  • A plague/Parasite to fight off and stop from consuming the world
  • Blood moons
  • Multiple dimensions to explore
  • Pitch black nights and caves
  • Seasons
  • Ambient and updated sounds that echo through open areas such as caves
  • Improved AI
  • Zombies are drawn to blood, sound, light, etc etc
  • A sanity level


Recommended allocated RAM: 5 GB
Optifine: for minecraft 1.12.2 is highly recommended, Optifine adds some features that will enhance the gameplay, download it here
Optifine turn dynamic lighting on: Really adds to the horror aspect as it allows you to hold a torch in your hand for light


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