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hexi essenchls


just anuder modpack useing the hexi mod as well as a lot of ozer mods i cant remeber it alows for a more amrsiv experins for you and you frends + free srvers with the essenchls mod 


the hexi mod is a inavativ magic mod that is still in progres it has a 3d book a new cauldron and cows (for you phillaz fans i had to menchin them) as the frst familiars in the mod 

and the essenchles mod gives you free srvrs and a frends list like bedrock as well a cosmetic marketplace to get your sellf dect out with cool cosmedits

you can also explor the twilit forist sumin demons with the occult mod die to meny more baby mods (or collect them) play thow difrint seaons with serene seasons

make cool new potions with the potions master mod and i lot more i wont spoil hear so come see wat elss we have to ofer 


mods inclodid