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Hero's BetterCraft





Better Craft

Hero's BetterCraft is a 1.16.5 adventure and RPG mod pack, that focuses on mods that enhance the vanilla aspect of the game, instead of making Minecraft feel like a completely new game. It also adds an RPG aspect to the game that urges the player to go out and explore the world to find new biomes, dungeons, and bosses.


BetterCraft offers 150+ mods, that add many new features!

- New Biomes with Oh The Biomes You'll Go!

- New Mobs with Mowzie's Mobs


- New Dungeons with Dungeons Plus


- Cool Dragons with Fire & Ice


- New Bosses with Stalwart Dungeons

- Many more mods to explore!


Do you have what it takes to take down every boss?