Heavens of Sorcery

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Filename Heavens-of-Sorcery-0.10.1-beta.zip
Uploaded by thephoenixlodge
Uploaded Oct 16, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 f3ae7749ef5529f579e53460cfd74dd9
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- Added Incorporeal 1.2.5
- Remove AppleCore (it was unused)
- Update ArcaneArchives to
- Update Athenaeum to 1.19.2
- Update Bewitchment
- Update CreativeCore to v1.10.28
- Update Dynamic Trees to 0.9.15
- Update Dynamic Trees - Thaumcraft Compat to 1.4.2
- Update Dynamic Trees - The Aether to 1.0.9
- Update LittleTiles to v1.5.0-pre199_64
- Update MysticalWorld to 1.9.2
- Update RandomPatches to
- Update RandomPortals
- Update Roots to 3.0.32
- Update Rustic to 1.1.6
- Update Soot to 1.10-hotfix
- Update Thaumic Augmentation to 2.0.8
- Update The Aether to 1.5.2
- Disable BetterFPS' fastbeacon option, as it was breaking beacons
- Buff drops from Aether Mimics a lil
- Add a few more dimensions to the ember bore blacklist
- Tweak Enchanted Grave's Key recipe to use a Nacre Pearl of at least Potent quality
- Disable /back command - use an Enchanted Grave's Key instead
- Add Blue Skies chests to chest and chestWood oredicts. Among other things, this will let Chest upgrades work on them
- Buff rubber output from Latex
- Change thaumonomicon recipe again. Now obtained by using Salis Mundus on a Menhir
- Move some corporea recipes to the gemcutters table
- Add chisel compatibility for holystone
- Eating Ironberries now gives the Weight potion effect too, to resolve the insane jumping enabled by potioncore fixing a vanilla bug that Rustic was using to prevent jumping after eating them.
- Add extra witches oven recipes for cooking meat with chance to output tallow
- Fix recipe bug in Kathairis where the door recipes were pointing at the door block rather than the actual doors
- Unify Iron Dust, Gold Dust, Sulfur and Saltpeter
- Remove Betweenlands Sulfur ore from oredict so that it doesn't grind down to Misty World Sulfur
- Allow golden oak acorns to be used in the Rune of Spring recipe
- Add Fey Crafting recipe to make the Runic Arc
- Add Tiny Shirt to artifact oredict, allowing it to be used when summoning mimics
- Add Snorkel and Drinking Hat to Artifact Mimic drops
- Add lots of items to be valid for AoV Centred Buff from Druid Class
- Rearrange a bunch of HUD elements, hopefully minimising the number of things rendering overtop of each other
- Allow Cuisine's Bamboo and Fruit Trees to generate in the Everbright and Everdawn
- Half the time for each operation of the Cuisine Mill
- Limit Thaumic Augmentation's Fractures to only generate in the Betweenlands
- Change AoV Spellbar HUD to overlay on the regular hotbar instead of being at the top of the screen
- Disable Villagers spawning with end portals on their heads
- Add Hell Sprout entry for Nether Dimensional Dossier
- Add Aether Dimensional Dossier
- Aerbunny now gives 1 cutting exp
- Add Underworld Dimensional Dossier
- Add Useful Miscellania entry for the Real Halo
- Add Dungeon Raid Dimensional Dossier
- Update Grove Supplication spell dust recipe to use ancient acorn instead of sapling
- Change items needed for some Wizardry spell components
- Add Mana infusion recipes for Blossoming and Swamp Trees
- Disable in-world chest -> radiant chest upgrading due to item deleting issue

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