Heavens of Sorcery

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Filename Heavens-of-Sorcery-0.9.5-beta.zip
Uploaded by thephoenixlodge
Uploaded Aug 8, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 6.14 MB
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MD5 e49134d016d376cd613b0b37e4bc7567
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


- (re?)Add Super Sound Muffler: Revived v1.0.2.10
- Add MoreTweaker 1.0.16
- Update Bewitchment to
- Update Mystical Gears to 1.1.5
- Update Soot to 1.9
- Update Tips to 1.0.9
- Update Astral Sorcery 1.10.25
- Update Controlling 3.0.10
- Update DynamicTreesAetherLegacy 1.0.3
- Update LoginShield 1.12.2-6-g5654706
- Update RandomPatches
- Update SoundFilters 0.12.1
- Add iron nugget to Rustic Almanac recipe so as to avoid conflict with Light Grey Book
- Fix incorrect command name in the Together Forever part of the Multiplayer Co-op guide in the quest book
- Update Wizardry Spellforger's Codex to reflect changes to how one accesses the Underworld
- Add Useful Items entry for the Tinkers Lens
- Fix Managen quest not actually requiring the wand of the forest
- Fix typo in Niobium quest
- Fix slight misinformation in respirator quest (shift-right-click, not right click)
- Fix passives only spawning above y110 in the everbright and everdawn
- Fix bugged Scorned Bricks recipe in the Hellfire Forge
- Add recipe for pressure plate from ironwood
- Implement Reforging Token item - found in dungeon raids, is used to reforge traits on all items
- Tweak Reforging Station recipe
- Add Anvil to dungeon raid loot
- Slightly buff weight of Sentient Sword in DimDoors dungeons
- Unify Bewitchment metal plates
- Fix Milk issue in specific rats upgrade recipes
- Allow Building gadgets into the akashic tome
- Blacklist Dungeon Pockets and Limbo (Dimensional Doors) from Forgiving Void
- Reduce max stack size for Rustic Bees to reduce likelihood of issue where the effects would stack too much and cause a crash
- Allow non-Misty World trees to grow in the Misty World
- Add reward of 6 Obsidian to the Stoneage quest
- Change recipe for the "real" halo from wizardry
- Fix underworld portal spawning pigmen
- Make Tome of Transferrance (Copy-Paste gadget) slightly cheaper
- Add "Preface" to start of chapter 1
- Add Automatic Breaker to Nether Fortress loot
- Add Marbled Cheese Chisel group
- Buff Nether Fortress loot in general
- Tweak rats no-flute upgrade to include sound muffler in recipe
- Add Tome of Transferrance as quest reward for "Structured Spellcraft"
- New recipe for Witches Cauldron
- New recipes for the components of the embers alchemy setup
- New recipes for grinding Fairy Wings into Fairy Dust
- Add molten forms of thaumium, alchemical brass, void metal and cold iron
- Add Thaumium Aspectus
- Add Collected Knowledge entry for trait reforging
- Change recipes for Divine Favour Blends
- Remove requirement for pure daisy from aquamarine quest, to reflect that aquamarine can be found sooner as loot from temples
- New recipe for Thaumonomicon
- Add tooltip to ventium ore indicating which biome it's found in
- New curated worldgen profiles for JER
- Fix a typo in the Linking Tool/starmetal quest
- Use Dropt to make Misty World ores drop stuff when mining with Botania picks (to match the same effect from niobium picks)

- Disabled Void Island Control's island protection as it was causing issues with some teleportation mechanics - use FTBUtilities to claim your island chunks if needing protections on a server

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